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Introduction: In Search of Medieval Britain (01:10)


Alixe Bovey uses the Gough Map to explore England’s medieval history. She visits Canterbury Cathedral, learns about medieval cuisine, and revisits early London.

Sandwich, England (05:23)

The Gough Map was named after its last owner, Richard Gough, who donated it to the Bodleian Library in 1809. King Edward III ruled the French city of Calais at the time the map was drawn. Troops were supported by the town of Sandwich.

Canterbury Cathedral (06:10)

The cathedral was the home of Britain’s biggest medieval celebrity, Thomas Becket. Monks commissioned carvings of mythic creatures in the cathedral’s vaults during the early 12th century. William of Sens died renovating the cathedral after it was damaged by fire in 1174.

Rochester Castle (03:48)

The Gough Map was drawn between 1355 and 1366. Noblemen took over Rochester Castle in 1215, rebelling against King John. The castle remained a royal stronghold.

Penshurst Place (04:21)

Sir John de Pulteney built the well-established hunting estate. Today, it contains one of the country’s most well-preserved medieval halls.

Medieval London (07:40)

The River Thames connected the heart of England to Europe and made London one of the most powerful cities in the medieval world. Cleric William Fitzstephen’s biography of Becket includes detailed descriptions of 12th-century London. The Black Death arrived in 1348.

Credits: In Search of Medieval Britain: London and South East (00:31)

Credits: In Search of Medieval Britain: London and South East

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Medieval art historian Alixe Bovey follows the Gough Map to the once-important port town, Sandwich; to Canterbury Cathedral, the resting place of Thomas Becket; and to London, which became one of the most powerful cities of the Middle Ages thanks to the River Thames.

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