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Introduction: The Color Eye: Shades of Thought (02:03)


Some psychologists categorize people by their favorite color. Max Luscher describes what wearing different colors means about the individual.

Power of Red (03:36)

Eighty percent of the world's flags contain red. The color gives soccer teams a stronger will to win matches. Anthropologists believe that red, white, and black are the first colors given a name in new languages.

Tranquil Blues (02:19)

Blue is the color of faith, peace, non-aggression, and divinity. The Royal Opera House is painted with a cerulean blue ceiling.

Color of Progress (01:51)

Green traditionally means harmony and relaxation. Surgeons wear green gowns because Luscher convinced doctors it was more restful.

The Luscher Test (06:04)

Luscher describes his personality test and what each color means. Many doctors use it to help diagnose patients.

Mood Association (03:20)

State of mind influences color choice. David Lewis examines potential issues with Luscher's theory. Seeing a particular color causes an autonomic reaction in the nervous system due to its wavelength.

Color Therapy (04:01)

Theophilus Gimbel assigns a different color to each form of human energy. The therapist describes how Lewis is lacking self-respect and dignity.

Color in Practice (04:54)

A cell is painted pink to make violent prisoners easier to manage. Alan Hague and Christopher Perkins study the scientific effects of color. Creativity and intuition are more effective than scientific research.

Credits: The Color Eye: Shades of Thought (00:38)

Credits: The Color Eye: Shades of Thought

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The Color Eye: Shades of Thought

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Psychologists like Max Luscher believe the secrets of peoples' personalities are revealed in their color choice. David Lewis investigates claims made regarding color psychology.

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