Segments in this Video

Introduction: Speaking of Creativity (02:47)


Charlayne Woodard introduces the video and orients the viewer to the subject of creativity. Stacy Stone will interview nine artists with different skill sets. (Credits)

1st Act of Creativity (05:36)

Artists discuss their first creative venture, including finger painting, show and tell, drawing, entertaining girls, and acting in school. Fu-Ding Cheng discusses deciding to become an architect after seeing a picture of Frank Lloyd Wright's "Falling Water." Gordon Hunt feels blessed that he can direct.

Sensory Experiences (07:17)

Artists discuss the influences in their creations using the five senses. Woodard describes an acting exercise that helped her tap into a personal experience to enhance her characters.

Inspiration Comes From...? (02:57)

Artists discuss where their creative impulse originates. Answers include God, dreams, reading, and everyday events.

Trusting Yourself (03:23)

Artists discuss remaining true to yourself and staying in the present. Hunt discusses giving Eric Idle a note on "Suddenly Susan."

Capturing an Idea and Taking Risks (02:34)

Artists discuss the importance of writing notes. A shaman is a person who allows themselves to be filled by something else. A call initiates an action.

Dealing with Failure (02:33)

Have the courage to be terrible. Utilize failures to create new projects. Artwork has a life of its own; let go of control.

It Feels Like... (02:05)

Artists discuss the tremor of energy that comes through them when inspiration strikes. Never plan a moment.

Timeless (01:55)

Artists discuss their focus when creating work. Get into an altered state where inspiration can strike. Music is the most ethereal of the arts.

Communication (03:45)

Directing is a form of communicating ideas that do not occur in everyday life. Art helps people grow. Artists create to convey big ideas or understand one's self.

Themes (04:46)

All socio-political issues are essentially spiritual problems. Asher enjoys portraying individuals in crisis. Jon Lawrence Rivera discusses audience reaction.

Blocked (06:58)

Always start with a physical warm-up and relaxation. Artists discuss how they overcame blocks and what they would do if they could not create.

Credits: Speaking of Creativity (01:11)

Credits: Speaking of Creativity

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Speaking of Creativity

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This video considers the ways in which sensory awareness affects the creative process, describes what creativity feels like, and highlights the importance of creativity to an individual’s personal and professional success. It features interviews with such actors, directors, and producers as Gordon Hunt, Fu-Ding Cheng, Jon Lawrence Rivera, Charlayne Woodard, and Joel Asher.

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