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Pushing the Boundaries of Design (05:48)


Trailblazing Iraqi-British architect Zaha Hadid left her stamp across the world, from Spain to Saudi Arabia. Her designs include Abu Dabi’s Sheikh Zayed Bridge, the London Aquatics Centre, Baku’s Heydar Alijev Cultural Center, and Galaxy SOHO in Beijing.

Changing Dubai's Skyline (03:53)

Dubai’s Opus Building is typical of Hadid’s work: bold, futuristic, unconventional. Its two towers are connected by a bridge that spans a middle void area. Wavy lines and tinted, blue glass give the appearance of a melting ice cube.

Hadid's Education and Awards (03:13)

Hadid was the first woman to win the Pritzker Architecture Prize. She designed the Bee’ah Headquarters in Sharjah towards the end of her life. Architect Nada Taryam is overseeing the completion of the structure, which will be powered entirely by renewable energy.

Overcoming Obstacles (02:59)

Hadid was foreign, she was a woman, and she espoused unorthodox ideas. As a result, she had to fight vigorously to be taken seriously. After setting up Zaha Hadid Architects, it took her 10 years to receive her first commission.

KAPSARC (01:46)

Hadid has become an inspiration for female architects. Razwa Alharthi and Sarah Alfrsani admire her ability to overcome obstacles and create an original design language. Few buildings showcase that more than the King Abdullah Petroleum Studies and Research Center in Saudi Arabia.

Futuristic Vision (03:09)

Hadid died in 2016. Her career defied convention and her futuristic designs continue to propel architecture to new heights. Advances in technology allow others to bring her forward-thinking vision to life, but her greatest legacy may have been inspiring the next generation of architects.

Dreams of Rebuilding Aden (02:19)

Nesmah Mansoor, a 23-year-old architectural student, draws inspiration from Hadid’s life. She hails from Yemen, a country that has been decimated by civil war. Her dream is to use what she has learned from her idol to rebuild her hometown.

Credits: Architectural Legacy (00:07)

Credits: Architectural Legacy

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