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Nicola Farinetti (03:17)


Eataly is a gourmet Italian market and cafe space offering gourmet food in a casual environment. Farinetti states that initial investment was lower due to timing.

David Scrivano (03:14)

The CEO of Little Caesar's says pizza is a fun, communal experience. The family-owned restaurant has become the third largest pizza company worldwide. Innovations include the Pizza Portal. Scrivano directs executives to spend time in stores.

Funke Opeke (02:59)

See global telecom services statistics. Opeke is the founder of internet connectivity and infrastructure company Main One Cable in Nigeria. Customers include telephone companies, ISPs, and businesses. She discusses leadership style and lessons learned in business.

Dicky Coetzee (02:57)

At Gelvenor Textiles, Coetzee oversees production of materials for sports and military parachutes. He discusses his career path and leadership style.

Liam Don (02:59)

The ClassDojo co-founder receives letters of appreciation for the free app that helps teachers, students, and parents build a community around the classroom. He and Sam Chaudhary also help teachers track performance and create videos promoting thoughtful topics.

Baay Sooley (03:12)

The Senegalese artist and his wife Laure Tarot run the fashion label Bull Doff. They cater to a high-end clientele in Africa and France, selling online and in stores. Sooley explains the brand's name and discusses Dakar inspiration.

Sanden Andrews (03:21)

Andrews draws on her competitive gymnastics background to run her Smoothie King franchise. She emphasizes teamwork, focus, discipline, and dedication while leading the company.

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