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Livia Cevolini (04:38)


In Italy's "Motor Valley," Cevolini operates Energica, an electric motorcycle company. She discusses battery technology and electronics innovation. Her father instilled in her a passion for racing and motors, which she shares with employees and customers.

Aisha Allee (03:02)

Mauritius is known for tourism and business opportunities. The Blast Burson-Marsteller founder handles public relations for people, companies and brands. She works hard to overcome prejudice.

Jahid Fazal-Karim (02:57)

Jetcraft buys and sells private jets. Founder Fazal-Karim has cultivated a lifelong passion for aviation and loves his work. His London office is an international platform.

Alon Shulman (03:42)

Paul Oakenfold is the first to play a concert at Stonehenge. Shulman's Universe is a promotions and marketing company that creates special events and experiences. He draws inspiration from impressing audiences.

Federico Grom and Guido Martinetti (03:50)

The best friends and gelato entrepreneurs created Grom, a multi-million dollar company focusing on Italian culinary heritage. They sold to Unilever to establish a serious business partnership, but continued running the company.

Mohammed Elgadid (03:55)

Iskan Architects designs affordable housing in Khartoum, starting with high-end projects to build a base. Elgadid discusses his passion for architecture.

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An Italian CEO leads the field in electric motorcycles; a music promoter in the U.K. specializes in incredible events, a PR expert in Mauritius and an architect in Sudan.

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