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Blue Zones (07:39)


Gupta visits retired heart surgeon Ellsworth Wareham, a centenarian who recommends eating a plant-based diet. Wareham lives in Loma Linda, California, a Blue Zone where people live measurably longer lives. Other Blue Zones include Sardinia, Italy, Peninsula de Nicoya, Costa Rica, and Okinawa, Japan.

"Pura Vida" in Costa Rica (07:08)

“Vital Signs” focuses on another Blue Zone, Peninsula de Nicoya, where 105-year-old Jose and 108-year-old Panchita live. “The Blue Zones” author Dan Buettner shares theories regarding why the elderly are more vital and live longer in this region.

Blue Zone Formula (07:21)

Centenarians recommend staying active, avoiding negativity and other tips for living longer. Buettner discusses the importance of finding and maintaining a sense of purpose. He has come up with a list of nine lessons he has gleaned from Blue Zones regarding prolonging life.

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The Art of Aging

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What if you could actually slow the aging process and live longer? Would you be willing to change your lifestyle today if you knew it could add years to your life? And how important is where we live compared to how we live when it comes to aging well? CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta tries to unlock the secrets of living longer by learning from those who have lived the longest. Join him as he visits some of the world's Blue Zones, those hotspots where people live longer and healthier than the rest of us. Meet centenarians with some simple lessons on the art of aging, and find out what your chances are of living to a 100.

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