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Airline Safety Training (06:52)


Approximately 100,000 commercial flights take off and land every day, with one in 604 reporting a medical emergency. Dr. Sanjay Gupta visits the Delta Airlines training center in Atlanta to learn how flight crews handle such emergencies. He also visits STAT-MD, a medical communications center that supports airlines.

Down Side of Frequent Travel (08:25)

Researcher Scott Cohen has authored a study highlighting the negative effects of recurring business travel, which can include gene disruption, chronic memory impairment, and a higher risk of heart attack and stroke. Road Scholar is a non-profit group that organizes educational tours for older travelers.

Travel Adventure (07:12)

Traveling for pleasure can add years to your life, reducing the risk of heart disease and depression. Lifelong friends Louisa Mattson and Francy Hays enjoy a getaway to the Italian countryside. Psychologist Dana Wyner explains the cognitive benefits that older travelers experience.

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Health and Wellness on the Road

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From crowded airports to hectic business trips, travel can lead to stress, which is detrimental to the body. But there are plenty of physical and mental benefits of vacations and holidays, especially as people age. Best friends Louisa Mattson and Francy Hays are spending time traveling around the world as they near retirement. For Louisa, taking international trips to nature trails and vineyards is her way of staying healthy and free of stress, while Francy is making new life changes that include more activity and taking more time away from her busy work schedule. We'll follow these friends from stateside to the Italian countryside as they explore new terrain and enjoy some much needed R&R. Our focus on health and travel also takes us to the sky as we see how flight crews react to inflight medical emergencies and the ground teams that guide them.

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