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Specialty Coffee Niche (07:25)


Brazil, Colombia, and Honduras are three of the world’s top five coffee-producing countries. CNN correspondent Richard Quest heads to Panama where he explores a growing gourmet market and samples the world’s priciest coffee—Natural Geisha sells for up to $803 a pound.

Cuban Cruise Boom (05:10)

The normalization of relations between the United States and Cuba has led to a boom in tourism. The Cuba Ministry of Tourism reports that the island nation received 37,513 cruise passengers in 2017, a number that exploded to 397,520 just two years later.

Brazilian Retail Empire (05:09)

Magazine Luiza is among Brazil’s largest department stores, with 885 locations and $3.9 billion in sales in 2017. CEO Federico Trajano Inacio explains how the store grew from a small, family operation into the retail empire that it is today.

Tango and Tourism (04:23)

Hundreds of dancing couples converge on Buenos Aires each year to compete in the World Tango Dance Tournament. Argentina Chamber of Tourism President Aldo Elias explains tango’s importance to tourism. Mora Godoy recalls dancing with President Barack Obama.

Credits: Marketplace Latin America: Episode 2 (00:04)

Credits: Marketplace Latin America: Episode 2

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Marketplace Latin America: Episode 2

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CNN's Gabriela Frias highlights dynamic industries that impact the economy of Latin America: Panama's coffee beans, Cuba's cruises, business opportunities around Argentina's love for Tango, and Brazil’s Magazine Luiza.

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