Segments in this Video

First Impressions of Tokyo (03:59)


Former professional football player Coy Wire travels to Japan to discover his heritage. He is struck by the city's size and density; residents are modern and fashionable yet respect Japanese history. He also notices artistry and attention to detail.

Classic Car Subculture (04:32)

At Shibuya Crossing, Wire rides in Manabu Kanda's customized 1956 VW bug, inspired by his love of beer. Shuhei Kudo owns a garage specializing in Southern California style low riders. Wire reflects on the Japanese pursuit of perfectionism.

Tokyo Food Scene (05:27)

There are 234 Michelin starred restaurants in the city. Wire visits an izakaya using a straw fire cooking method. Residents Arthur Syin and Yuri Miyazaki discuss Japanese perfectionism and the spirit of service.

Tokyo Spirits (02:12)

Wire visits Zoetrope, a bar run by Japanese whiskey expert Atsushi Horagami. Local distilleries are gaining global recognition.

Tokyo Jazz Scene (04:56)

Jazz expert James Catchpole believes improvisation appeals to Japanese culture. Record stores are still popular in Shinjuku. He and Wire visit historic jazz club Pit Inn. Wire will explore Japanese sport culture next.

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True Tokyo: Arts and Culture

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Coy Wire discovers the unique identity of Tokyo and its residents through art and culture—ancient traditional crafts, unique cuisine and two imports to Japan—whisky and jazz.

Length: 23 minutes

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ISBN: 978-1-64623-346-5

Copyright date: ©2018

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