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Introduction: The Reckoning (02:00)


Zainab Salbi hosts this series that examines #MeToo. She is joined in panel discussion by CNN commentator Angela Rye, Editor Ijeoma Oluo, and the first woman to lead the ACLU, Nadine Strossen.

Women Treated as Less (03:13)

Oluo says the #MeToo movement is fueled by decades of women suffering lower pay and abuse while being told to sacrifice for the greater good. Chef Beverly Kim describes the toll of workplace harassment. Rye revisits the movement’s roots.

Cost of "Leaning In" (02:47)

Lisa Leone believes she has been blacklisted since she wrote about the sexual harassment she experienced in the workplace. Oluo recalls being told never to report a problem to human resources.

Mixed Messages (04:45)

Salbi steers the conversation toward women who use their sexuality to advance their careers. Rye says the practice hurts other women and encourages harassment. Megan Newberry and Toni Bills talk about pressures they feel regarding how they dress for work.

Course Correction (06:03)

Roman Gonzalez feels that men need to be taught there are consequences for their actions. Strossen discusses how the #MeToo movement has impacted men who are accused of misbehavior. Rye and Oluo explore how race further complicates the issue.

Romance and Accountability (06:47)

Salbi interviews college student Elli, who describes how the movement has affected dating. Rye prefers men tread carefully to the days of open catcalling. Oluo describes safety precautions she takes before going on dates.

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Credits: The Credits

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The Reckoning

Part of the Series : #MeToo, Now What?
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The reckoning has begun. Women have broken their silence and the world is finally listening. To have this moment be a transformative movement in American history, we examine the pain behind the anger, why it took so long for women to speak out, and the price women paid when they "Leaned In" and spoke up. Today we discuss how we move forward and dare to ask the questions others are afraid to ask.

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