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Introduction: Accuser and the Accused (02:38)


Host Zainab Salbi will examine the relationship between film critic Devin Faraci and the woman who accused him of sexual assault. Faraci was outed after tweeting about an “Access Hollywood” clip featuring presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Sexual Harassment (05:26)

Caroline recalls an incident during which Faraci stuck his hand down her pants. She initially blames herself and feels bad for the director, but becomes angry when learning he had bragged to others. She describes her reaction to the “Access Hollywood” clip.

Incident and Aftermath (09:24)

Faraci describes the time in his life during which the assault occurred as “a dark and crummy” period when he was not a good person. He accepted Caroline’s accusation, resigned, and he went into recovery.

Taming Anger (05:43)

Caroline recalls attempts to overcome the rage that consumed her life. Buddhism taught her to shift her focus to compassion and forgiveness. But is it the responsibility of women to forgive the men who harm them?

Making Amends (02:15)

Faraci needed to apologize to Caroline, despite his lawyer's advice. He discusses restorative justice and being forgiven by his accuser, despite not feeling deserving.

Credits: Accuser and the Accused (00:34)

Credits: Accuser and the Accused

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The Accuser and the Accused

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This week, in an exclusive interview with Caroline, who many years ago was horribly groped by Devin Faraci, an influential film critic who committed the act, we explore how each experienced the assault and came to grips with it afterwards. Though each person has her or his own personal journey, today we share the story of two people searching for healing in their own lives.

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