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End of Patriarchal Society? (03:03)


Zainab Salbi discusses our patriarchal society with Saru Jayaraman, co-founder of the Restaurant Opportunity Center United; Tony Porter, the CEO of A Call to Men; and Joanne Lipman, the former editor in chief of "USA Today."

Race and Class Issues (02:52)

Salbi hosts a panel with MSNBC’s Joy-Ann Reid, comparing the struggles of women of color and white women. Jayaraman explains the post-emancipation roots of tipping and the reason that sexual harassment is prevalent in the restaurant industry.

Service Workers (04:50)

Former waitress Marie Billiel recalls being sexually harassed by a coworker and being told the behavior is normal in the industry. Jayaraman advocates eliminating tipping, which she blames for the high rate of sexual harassment.

Corporate Culture (07:01)

Nancy Erika Smith warns that the human resources department is beholden to the company, not the employee reporting harassment. Smith also discusses her client, Gretchen Carlson, who sued Fox News for harassment and now fights against forced arbitration agreements.

Societal Behavior (02:42)

Bob Winter of VSA Partners Creative Agency shares his opinions on the #MeToo movement. The panel discusses “the privilege of being quiet,” the line between good and bad men, and the collective behavior that contributes to harassment.

Objectification and Consciousness (04:59)

Navegante discusses the objectification of women in music videos. Porter sees progress in the director’s conflicted feelings, but Lipman feels it is time to move beyond reflection and address the unconscious biases that creates inequality. Salbi puts #MeToo in a historical context.

Credits: Is Patriarchy on Its Way Out? (00:34)

Credits: Is Patriarchy on Its Way Out?

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Is Patriarchy on Its Way Out?

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To ensure the #MeToo movement leads to transformative change, we need to look at the structures that created this moment of women’s rage. Our panel exposes hidden cultural biases as they relate to patriarchy, equal pay, corporate culture, leadership, legal reforms, individual behavior, and how they intersect with race, class and gender. With guests Saru Jayaraman, Joanne Lipman, and Tony Porter.

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