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Mobile Stock Trading (03:42)


Mikaal Abdulla, Co-Founder of 8 Securities, discusses the company's subscription model, revenue, online education, and portfolios.

Top Innovations (02:30)

In Canada, D-Wave's quantum processor computes complex problems in seconds. In Saudi Arabia, researches create an elastic hydrogel with unique characteristics. In California, engineers create a wasp-inspired drone that lifts 40 times its weight.

Technology and Education (06:55)

Snapask Founder Timothy Yu discusses tutor quality and big data usage. BSD Education CEO Christopher Geary discusses ensuring teacher quality, working within budget constraints, and positive impacts. Luminar's LIDAR system provides autonomous vehicles with long range vision.

Technology and Shipping (05:46)

EmptyTrips Founder Benji Coetzee discusses the problem of empty space in freight vessels, using machine learning algorithms to improve efficiency, cost savings, and risk.

Wearables/Hearables (04:18)

Well Being Digital Founder Kow Ping discusses how PPG technology advances heart rate monitoring and commercialization. Anthony Lacavera and Michael Bancroft reflect on show topics.

Credits: Beyond Innovation: Episode 17 (00:22)

Credits: Beyond Innovation: Episode 17

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Beyond Innovation: Episode 17

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Stock trading becomes a snap, quantum computers answer complex questions and wearable devices track vital signs from your ear. Plus, Michael and Anthony speak with a South African startup using AI to enhance global trade. Hosted by venture capitalist Anthony Lacavera and technology journalist Michael Bancroft. Featured guests include: Mikaal Abdulla, Co-Founder and CEO, 8 Securities; Timothy Yu, Founder and CEO, Snapask; Christopher Geary, CEO, BSD Education; Benji Coetzee, Founder and CEO, EmptyTrips and Kow Ping, Founder, Well Being Digital.

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