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Sting Operation (06:29)


San Francisco is one of the richest and safest cities in the United States. Oakland is the second most dangerous and known for teenage prostitution. Katie Raymundo lures johns to a hotel to arrest them for solicitation.

Child Prostitution Hub (02:04)

Former drug dealers turned pimps force girls as young as eleven to sell their bodies. The juvenile squad is comprised of undercover agents who trick clients with fake profiles on social networks.

Fighting Sex Trafficking (03:54)

Former soldiers and military comprise the juvenile squad in Oakland. One officer attempts to track down a 14-year-old prostitute to question her.

Arresting Prostitutes (06:36)

Jamie, the leader of the unit, drives behind two cars with undercover officers pretending to be johns. Uniformed police arrest a dozen underage prostitutes in a half an hour. The girls are taken to a white van where they will be transported to a juvenile detention center

Hiding in Los Angeles (08:10)

The former prostitute discusses her history and indoctrination into the game. Children of the Night cares for victims of sex trafficking. Pimps befriend, romance, intimidate, kill, attack, and betray their prostitutes.

Forced to Prostitute (07:36)

Most prostitutes have been sexually abused by children and are required to earn $500 a day. Lieutenant Wiley keeps a picture of all the pimps he sent to prison. Raymundo creates a fake Instagram account in an attempt to lure Cash Money into implicating himself.

Interrogations (04:59)

The prostitute confesses that the pimp is her baby's father. The police officers tell Cash Money that the victim's parents are desperately looking for her and have found her phone. The pimp denies that he sent the texts or knew her age.

Under Surveillance (03:29)

Agent Paul Bernard monitors pimps and pedophiles using GPS trackers. The police analyze an offender using a risk assessment for potential recidivism. There are three times more convicted sexual offenders in Oakland than San Francisco.

Arresting Repeat Offenders (05:14)

Bernard, the Sheriff's Department, and the US Marshals check on the most dangerous sexual traffickers weekly. The Safe Task Force makes an arrest of a parolee not in compliance. A prostitute describes her history.

Being Honored (05:37)

Jaime cannot find her epaulet for the ceremony. The leader of the unit appreciates the recognition but does not like wearing a dress uniform. Sergeant Dwayans, Sergeant Struckler and Officer Creed receive a citation for their work.

Credits: Oakland's Juvenile Squad (00:22)

Credits: Oakland's Juvenile Squad

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This documentary follows the juvenile squad of the police department of Oakland, California. Following Lieutenant Willey and his team of expert police officers, we learn about how they work to dismantle one of the most terrifying and common crimes in Oakland: sex slavery and trafficking of minor girls. With testimonies from the police squad, the criminals, and victims, this program shows the inner workings of one of the country’s criminal justice teams.

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