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Introduction: Expedition 58 (03:17)


Canadian Space Agency Astronaut David Saint-Jacques is motivated by exploring and understanding how things work. He and his wife Veronique Morin met while studying medicine. He discusses mission contributions and reconciling his decision to leave his family for 190 days.

Medical Motivations (02:43)

At the Canadian Space Agency, Saint-Jacques announces Expedition 58. He hopes to discover ways of counteracting zero gravity, radiation, and psychological isolation. His experience as a physician will aid the use of a Bioanalyzer while at the International Space Station.

Astronaut Selections (02:25)

Seven thousand candidates were reduced to two at the 2009 selection. Saint-Jacques has learned to pilot fighter planes, studied robotics, mastered Canadarm, and become a NASA communicator.

Lyndon B Johnson Space Center (03:34)

In early 2018, Saint-Jacques learns to use space station module systems, obtains a Soyuz co-pilot license, and learns to work without gravity. He accomplishes tasks in the Neutral Buoyancy lab, experiences weightlessness with ARGOS, and uses virtual realty to simulate spacewalk challenges.

Physical Preparations (03:00)

Balance, blood flow, and digestion evolved under Earth’s gravity. Saint-Jacques intends to experiment with human adaptability to weightlessness. He trains to prevent deterioration during and after the mission; rigorous exercise in space mitigates impacts and quickens recovery.

Researching Vestibular Disorders (03:58)

Saint-Jacques participates in a Canadian study on the sense of direction in space; positions are undefined and disorienting. Findings will help quantify the effect microgravity has on navigation orientation and help doctors assist patients with directional problems.

Star City (10:57)

Saint-Jacques travels to Yuri Gagarin Training Center, meeting his mission team for group practices. He, American Anne McClain, and Russian Oleg Kononenko appreciate each other’s experience and communicate well. They endure rigorous simulations, testing their physicality and ability to cope with emergent situations.

Home and Space Project (07:12)

The International Space Station houses scientists from several countries and backgrounds. Saint-Jacques participates in Canada’s Psycho-Social Experiment. Since research began, celebrations and collaborative culture has been observed.

Mission Teamwork (06:16)

After training completion, Saint-Jacques travels to Kazakhstan for quarantine, preparing for the unlikely event that his crew will replace Expedition 56-57’s team. Before liftoff, they are released to attend the launch site.

Mission Changes (04:31)

Expedition 56-57 launches, reaching the International Space Station in June 2018. Expedition MS-10 is set to take off on October 2018, but the launch fails. Saint-Jacques and crew prepare for earlier liftoff.

Successful Launch (02:01)

Saint-Jacques feels prepared and is looking forward to being in orbit. Much will be accomplished before the mission is complete.

Credits: Expedition 58 (00:38)

Credits: Expedition 58

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This program follows astronaut David Saint-Jacques as he prepares for his first trip to the the International Space Station (ISS) where he’ll spend six months orbiting the Earth. A multilingual engineer, family doctor, and astrophysicist, Saint-Jacques was selected from thousands to join the 20th NASA astronaut class. Learn how he, his fellow cosmonauts, and his family get ready for this incredible journey.

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