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Battle of Bullecourt (04:21)


Professor Alice Roberts outlines Britain's failed attempt to breach the Hindenburg Line in 1917. Military veteran archaeologists look for evidence of why tanks were destroyed, to address accusations of cowardice by the Australian infantry. They discover a German soldier’s remains.

Clearing Accusations of Cowardice (06:01)

Military archaeologists uncover a British training tank that was exposed to German artillery at the Hindenburg Line. A shell cartridge shows the crew continued firing while under attack. They also discover the tank's original paint colors.

Woodbridge Stone Age Monument (08:29)

Suffolk workers are excavating a ditch and wooden track leading to a hilltop platform dating to 2,400 B.C. Animal bones have been placed along the track that was elevated above a waterway. Hear theories of the site's ceremonial purpose.

Chichester Pipeline Medieval Village (06:23)

Archaeologists clean mud from artifacts and analyze charcoal, discovering grains used in bread. Large quantities of tile suggest the village was abandoned between 1150 and 1350. Learn about environmental, political, and disease depopulation factors.

Great Whelnetham Deviant Roman Burials (07:26)

Archaeologists have discovered decapitated individuals buried in Suffolk. They believe the heads were removed in funerary rituals. Bone analysis suggests the individuals were slaves.

Mapledurwell Hoard (08:00)

In Hampshire, a metal detector hobbyist discovers a cache of coins dating to the English Civil War. British Museum conservationist Duygu Camurcuoglu excavates the artifacts. Many people buried their wealth as the country collapsed; the owner had likely intended to return.

St. Aebbe's Monastery in Coldingham (03:32)

Across the water from Lindisfarne Abbey, archaeologists search for evidence of the Anglo-Saxon abbess who helped spread Christianity in Britain. They find a possible boundary ditch and animal bones that suggest a tannery.

Barking Abbey (07:48)

Archaeologists dig for evidence of Princess Ethelburga's monastery. They find an Anglo Saxon grub hut with artifacts indicating a glass factory—but no structural remains. A Coldingham team has found the likely ditch boundary of Aebbe's monastery but few artifacts.

Balthild Seal Matrix (04:22)

In Anglo-Saxon Britain, women could marry or enter the Church. A gold stamp suggests a French queen's identity crisis as she enters a monastery.

Credits: Digging for Britain: Stone Age Engineering and WWI Battlefield (00:41)

Credits: Digging for Britain: Stone Age Engineering and WWI Battlefield

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Professor Alice Roberts explores this year’s most exciting archaeological finds from the East of Britain. Every new discovery was filmed by the archaeologists themselves giving us an unprecedented view of each excavation as it happens. In this episode, we join a team in Suffolk as they discover a lost Stone Age monument revealing the incredible engineering skills of our ancient ancestors….. We travel a little further East than usual to a WWI battlefield in France to explore one of Britain’s earliest and most disastrous tank battles, and then return to Suffolk as archaeologists try to make sense of some puzzling Roman burial practices. Also, one lucky metal detectorist chances upon a coin hoard that gives us insight into the effect the English civil war had on the lives of ordinary people. Our roving archaeologist, Raksha Dave goes behind the scenes at an archaeological lab in Brighton and follows an investigation into an entire lost medieval village.

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