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Sir Thomas More: Abuses against London Commoners (07:38)


A foreigner buys carpenter's wife Doll Williamson against her will; she threatens to mobilize women against him and he leaves to the ambassador. Broker John Lincoln rallies bystanders to protest unfair immigrant privileges and demand royal subjects' rights.

Sir Thomas More: Rising Tensions (05:22)

Earls Surrey and Shrewsbury discuss Londoners threatening to riot and harm the mayor, due to foreigners mistreating them. Surrey decides to recruit Sheriff Thomas More to mediate. Lincoln, the Betts Brothers, and the Williamsons plot to confront the foreigners.

Sir Thomas More: Appeal for Peace (08:50)

Londoners head to Sr. Martins to destroy foreigners' homes. Reminding them of the consequences of treason, More pleads with them to stop, obey the King's authority, and uphold Christian values. They agree to be arrested on condition of royal pardon.

Sir Thomas More: Accepting the King's Office (03:15)

Shrewsbury and Surrey congratulate More on preventing riots and knight him. He agrees to become the Privy Council and appear in court the next day.

Sir Thomas More: Hanging Rebels (05:29)

Lincoln admits he should not have attempted vigilante justice before his execution. Doll Williamson prepares for her death and criticizes More for failing to keep his promise to obtain a pardon. She defends her plot against foreigners.

Sir Thomas More: A Pardon (02:46)

Surrey rushes to the gallows to stop the rebels from hanging. He explains that More begged the king to spare their lives.

Sir Thomas More: Preparing for a Guest (03:22)

More feels overwhelmed by his new position on the Privy Council. He instructs his assistant to impersonate him, to test whether Erasmus can tell the difference between them.

Sir Thomas More: Hosting Erasmus (05:46)

Surrey brings the Dutch scholar to More's office, where More's assistant impersonates him. More soon reveals himself and confesses to playing a practical joke on his guest. They discuss the merits of poetry and compare it to physics.

Sir Thomas More: Evening Entertainment (10:03)

More and his wife hire a theater group to perform "The Marriage of Wit and Wisdom" for Erasmus. The play includes songs and dances. When an actor’s absence compromises the performance, More takes on the role himself.

Sir Thomas More: A Political Meeting (07:16)

More, Surrey, and Shrewsbury debate the King's plans to ally with Germany against France. A messenger brings articles for them to sign. More asks for time to decide and relinquishes his office; he is ordered under house arrest.

Sir Thomas More: Foreboding Signs (10:43)

More's wife has dreamt of his death. More arrives home and informs his family he has been banished from the Privy Council. He hints at corruption in court and asks them to support his moral decision—although it means his execution.

Sir Thomas More: Arrested for High Treason (05:12)

Surrey and Shrewsbury arrive on behalf of the king, trying to convince More to sign the articles. He refuses based on his conscience, and is taken to the Tower.

Sir Thomas More: Entering the Tower (03:15)

A former client seeks More's assistance, but he cannot help her. He bids farewell to Surrey and Shrewsbury and becomes a royal prisoner.

Sir Thomas More: Reflections on a Life (04:05)

Two of More's servants lament his arrest and trial. More learns of his death sentence from the prison guard; they have a conversation about More spending his Chancery earnings on charity.

Sir Thomas More: Final Family Visit (04:55)

More promises his wife, daughter, and son-in-law that he is at peace with his fate. They try unsuccessfully to convince him to change his mind and follow the king's orders. He instructs them to care for one another.

Sir Thomas More: More's Death (07:17)

More uses humor while preparing for his execution. Surrey and Shrewsbury arrive as court witnesses. He makes a statement that avoids criticizing the king and displays empathy for his executioner.

Credits: Sir Thomas More (01:26)

Credits: Sir Thomas More

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Resurgens Theatre Company presents this stirring early modern account of one leader’s defiant stand against mob violence and groupthink in an era of autocratic misrule. Partially penned by Shakespeare, Sir Thomas More offers both a timely and timeless drama of individual courage in the face of mass conformity. The original production was banned from the Elizabethan stage by the Master of the Revels, Edmund Tilney, because of its controversial references to insurrection. Now, after 400 years, Dr. Brent Griffin revives this neglected classic for the first professional performance of the play in America.

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