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Playing With Gender (08:00)


Tracey Erin Smith leads the "Dude for a Day" workshop to help women "become more" and understand their masculine qualities; drag can be therapeutic. Women share why they are attending the workshop and how gender has affected their lives.

Exaggerated Exercise (06:09)

Smith leads the group in an exercise to exaggerate femininity. They return to a neutral state before transitioning to a more masculine exercise.

"Theatrical Hot Seat" (13:30)

Participants dress in masculine clothing and get their hair and makeup done. Smith discusses tips for accessing the opposite energy. Participants make a penis and answer questions as men.

Moving In Character (07:05)

Participants visit a restaurant before taking a dance lesson. Smith discusses making drag mainstream and the effects of changing character.

Drag History (05:51)

Drag King Flare Smyth discusses the history of male impersonation, the IDKE, and performing draglesque.

Personal Growth (03:28)

Smith hopes women obtain an expanded sense of self from her workshop. Participants reflect on their experiences.

Credits: Dude for a Day (00:38)

Credits: Dude for a Day

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Dude for a Day

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This documentary follows a one-day intensive workshop where female identified people discover their inner male and bring that energy forward with the help of acting and vocal coaching, men's clothing, make up, and facial hair. The personal stories of the participants explore how our gendered experiences construct and define us.

Length: 45 minutes

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