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Introduction: Mixing Sound in Fairlight (08:11)


High-quality sound makes the difference between amateur and professional productions. Learn how to record a voice-over, clean up background hums, and apply sound effects in this episode. The Fairlight page is divided into four sections: the interface, transport controls, toolbar, and timeline.

Viewing a Spotting List (07:25)

During a session, the director, producer, and sound editors will identify locations where sound effects, voice-overs, and music are needed. Kenchington demonstrates how to use markers to keep things organized. Spoken word tracks are often recorded in mono; sound can be edited much more precisely than video.

Aligning Audio Effects (03:21)

Kenchington demonstrates how to incorporate sound effects. Position the play-head directly over the start of the waveform and drag the clip to the location.

Recording Audio in a Timeline (05:32)

Kenchington demonstrates how to record and incorporate a voice-over. Mono is the preferred method for spoken word; ADR and Foley tracks are also possible in DaVinci Resolve. Patch the track with an input and hit "R."

Modifying Clip Attributes (11:18)

After a professional voice over is recorded, preview it and add to the timeline. Consider using headphones to discern the difference between two channels; audio is usually recorded using both a boom mic and a lavalier. Kenchington demonstrates how to incorporate a de-hummer and reverb plug-ins.

Organizing Tracks into Submixers (08:37)

Kenchington demonstrates how to organize clips into a dialogue, sound effect, and music busses. Set levels for each submix on the Fairlight page. Fader changes are applied to the entire group of sounds.

Setting Track Levels (00:38)

Ensure that your audio system is calibrated and your speakers are of good quality.

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Mixing Sound in Fairlight

Part of the Series : The Definitive Guide to Davinci Resolve
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Unlike most other NLE programs, DaVinci Resolve features a complete DAW inside the application with Fairlight, meaning you never have to leave Resolve to access incredibly powerful audio mixing and processing techniques. In this module Ollie steps through the Fairlight interface as well as fundamental operations and advanced techniques to help you get fantastic audio on any project.

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