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Installation of "This is Another Place" (03:36)


Tracey Emin discusses her upcoming exhibit that will be displayed at the Modern Art Oxford Gallery. Pieces include "Knowing My Enemy," "Is Anal Sex Legal," "C.V. Cunt Vernacular," and "I Do Not Expect to Be a Mother."

Being an Artist (03:50)

Emin discusses her childhood, parents, and attending art school. Pieces highlighted include "Hotel International," "Remember When," and "The Things I say No To." Post-modernist influences include punk rock, previous painters, and riot posters.

Print Making (04:29)

Emin discusses how she became interested in printmaking. People criticize those who won the Turner Prize for their inability to paint. Pieces highlighted include "Red, White, and Fucking Blue," "I Know, I know," and "Western Oriental Gentleman."

Transmitting Emotions (05:50)

Pieces highlighted include "The Last Thing I Said To You Is Don't Leave Me Here (The Hut)," "Monument Valley (Grand Scale)," and "There's a Lot of Money in Chairs" Emin has tried to purchase work that she sold. People think about those they have been intimate with when viewing "Everyone I Have Ever Slept with."

Vulnerability (03:00)

People want to see you fall and stab you in the back. Emin discusses her inspiration for "The Bed" and the dramatic changes that have occurred in England in the past ten years. Pieces highlighted include "Leaving Home," "Psyco Slut," and "Hard Love."

"Who the Fuck Are You?" (04:50)

Many artists explore their personal identity in their artwork. Emin creates pieces about sex when she is celibate. The artist discusses her spiritual views.

Credits: Tracey Emin (00:28)

Credits: Tracey Emin

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Although at times obscured by the artist’s celebrity, the art of Tracey Emin is serious and focussed, challenging and at times startlingly beautiful. In this film, she speaks frankly about her career, the craft of her immensely varied work, and the immediate, personal themes with which she engages: autobiography, memory, desire, and identity. Many of her best-known works, including Everyone I Have Ever Slept With 1963-1995 (1995) and My Bed (1998), are illustrated and discussed, as is a wide selection of drawings, prints, paintings, neons, appliqué blankets and installations. “I always say if I didn’t make art, I’d probably be dead,” she reflects. “But let’s be more realistic about that. If I didn’t make art and I’d done well in life, then I might have gone into retail. I would probably be the person in the shop that would be always organising the displays, and always making the noticeboard look nice in the canteen, stuff like that. I’m a genuinely creative person.” Please note that this video contains explicit images and adult language featured in artworks by Tracey Emin. Viewer discretion advised. 

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