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Outdoor Sculpture (04:42)


Gavin Turk discusses his inspiration for creating wax self-portraits costumed as different people. Pieces highlighted include "Reclining Figure," "Her," "The Death of Marat," "The Death of Che," "Another Bum," and "Pop."

"Skull" (04:42)

Turk attempts to criticize the "cult of the signature" and undermine its value. Works highlighted include "Unorganized Sculpture," "Study for Window," and "Identity Crisis." Art is considered an elitist activity.

"Hermetic Brush" (05:08)

The history of painting that created a fixed cultural language motivates Turk. Works highlighted include "Beuys, Broodthaers, de Chirico, Duchamp, Johns, Klein, Manzoni, Warhol," "Oscar 11," and "Font." "Brillo" is a bronze sculpture that depicts a cardboard box.

"Bronze Roller" (04:53)

Turk discusses his inspiration in casting a paint roller. "Nomad" is a bronze cast sleeping bag that was exhibited on a public street. Other works highlighted include "G.T.E.G.G.," "The Blue Eggs," and "Egg Times."

Cliché and Art (04:30)

New work will change the way that people perceive previously created work. Turk describes his inspiration for "Her" and how he enjoys fusing disparate clichés together.

Credits: Gavin Turk (00:26)

Credits: Gavin Turk

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Gavin Turk is a leading figure in British contemporary art. His 1991 degree show work Cave, a blue ceramic plaque commemorating his occupancy of a studio, and Pop, the waxwork figure of himself as Sid Vicious, are among the iconic artworks of the 1990s. His “self-portrait” signatures and his finely crafted sculptures of everyday objects (such as cardboard boxes cast in bronze) bring the commonplace into an art space and challenge the viewer to engage in new ways. In 2003 he created the major sculpture Her for an exhibition at the New Art Centre Sculpture Park and Gallery. This image of “Ariadne in a sleeping bag” draws together many of his key concerns, including the paintings of early modernism and the complexity of sculptural forms, and ideas of authorship, identity and authenticity. In this engaging film, he discusses Her and a wide range of his earlier work.

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