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Introduction: David Batchelor (02:16)


An artist's work is inherently autobiographical. Batchelor discusses his educational background, having studied art and culture.

Artistic Breakthrough (03:13)

Batchelor begins incorporating color into contemporary art. He likes to compare shiny fronts to dirty backs in his sculptures. He places bright acrylic panels on dollies in "I Love King's Cross and King's Cross Loves Me."

"The Spectrum of Hackney Road" (04:23)

Color is hard to contain and control; it is about pleasure. "Chromophobia" examines the perception of color as feminine or cosmetic. Most of the colors we witness are from the urban environment.

Urban Color (03:16)

Batchelor describes his creative process for "Treasury Magic Hour." The neon boxes bounce reflections off the gloomy treasury building. The installation for St. Bart's Hospital pays homage to employees.

"Ten Silhouettes" (02:48)

The work is an invitation to reflect on cultural imagination about color. Millions have walked by the commission for Gloucester Road Subway Station. Batchelor describes his creative process for "Wavelength."

Found Objects (02:54)

Used objects have characteristics that need to be acknowledged. Batchelor examines his methodology as a materials-based artist.

No Nature or Spirituality (03:03)

Batchelor feels electrical lines and plugs ground his sculpture and must remain visible. "Untitled" features brightly colored elements.

"Found Monochromes of London" (03:26)

Batchelor describes his creative process for the series of photographs of white panels. Monochromes are visual voids and provide moments of blankness. Art informs life.

Credits: David Batchelor (00:43)

Credits: David Batchelor

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David Batchelor

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David Batchelor’s art is about color. With lightboxes and everyday plastics, eccentric chandeliers and projections, he brings pure, direct color into galleries and public spaces. His works are immediately delightful, but they are also concerned with what color means in today’s world and with how we experience it. David Batchelor’s art is also about the city. His colors are the bright, sharp hues of neon and artificial materials, not the soft tones of the natural world. In this profile, the artist is interviewed in his studio, the place where he explores and experiments with “the stuff of the world.” He speaks about many key works and reflects on his distinctive public commissions, including a tower of color for the Whitehall offices of the Treasury and an illuminated tree by the Thames. Like the best art, these are intellectual works, thoughtful and rigorous, but they are fun too, pleasurable and beautiful.

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