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Introduction: Boyle Family (03:41)


Mark Boyle, Joan Hills, and their children make art that scrutinizes and replicates reality. The Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art launches an exhibition. "Sardinia, Elemental Study (Brown Scarp)" is part of the "World Series."

"Norland Road Study" (04:33)

Dump sites carry a feeling of working with items others have discarded. Boyle and Hills discuss new techniques originated while creating the series. Soaking fiberglass in resin makes the structure pliable.

"Chromoprobe" (02:25)

The Boyle family discusses the influences behind "Earth, Air, Fire, and Water." In "Son et Lumiere," Hills and Boyle extract saliva, tears, earwax, vomit, and sperm before an audience and project a sample on a screen.

Skin Series (02:30)

The artists discuss people throwing darts at the outline. Boyle would use a trepan to remove his epidermis and photograph it. Photographs include one hair from each family member.

Urban Wilderness Series (03:25)

Hills collects a square earth and replants it in a box; "Seeds for a Random Garden" attempts to develop new ways to examine the Earth. For the London Series, people would throw darts at a map and the artists would make a study from the location.

World Series (03:15)

Sebastian and Georgia will continue with the World Series if Boyle and Hills can no longer continue. Studies include "The Hague," "Bergheim Mine," "Mount Zeil," and "Sardinia, Elemental," The family always randomly narrows its selection.

Working Artists (04:55)

Most people define creativity as overcoming problems. The Boyle family resists making comparisons between pictures and enjoy collaborating. A rotten apple can be a good apple.

Credits: Boyle Family (00:32)

Credits: Boyle Family

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Boyle Family have worked together for more than 30 years producing an art that scrutinizes and replicates fragments of reality. Mark Boyle and Joan Hills began making assemblages in the early 1960s. In 1964, they started their life-long project Journey to the Surface of the Earth, recreating randomly-selected parts of the world’s cityscapes and landscapes. This unique practice continued as Mark and Joan’s children Sebastian and Georgia increasingly worked with them. But Boyle Family’s art has also embraced performance, projections and light-shows, data collection and micro-photography. The aim is to embrace all aspects of an ever-changing world and to make us look, hard and long, at this world’s endlessly fascinating details. Works by Boyle Family were filmed for this profile at their 2003 retrospective at the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, Edinburgh. The interview was shot in early 2005 a few weeks before Mark Boyle died from a heart attack. Contains imagery that some audience may find objectionable. Viewer discretion advised. 

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