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"Self Portrait as a Tree" (04:40)


It is not necessary to know the history behind a work of art. Sam Taylor-Wood describes how chemotherapy influenced the painting. Other works include "Poor Cow," "Self Portrait in a Single Breasted Suit," "Slut," and more.

"16 mm" (03:06)

Taylor-Wood describes needing time to distance herself from studies in sculpture. The film is about the process of making a film. "Killing Time" uses multiple screens and examines the artist's time working at the Royal Opera House.

"Travesty of a Mockery" (05:46)

Taylor-Wood discusses how she wanted to offset a professional actor with an amateur. The space between the two screens becomes a physical divide; crossing into the other character's space feels like abuse. "Pent Up" examines a conversation between five separated people.

Working with Famous People (04:39)

Taylor-Wood describes her creative process for "Pieta," "Brontosaurus," and "Sustaining the Crisis."

"Five Revolutionary Seconds" Series (03:14)

Sexuality is a part of life and must be present. Accompanying sound adds dimension to the photographs. Taylor-Wood likes to remove the narrative structure and leave photographs open ended.

"Shooting of Soliloquy I" (04:01)

Taylor-Wood's thought process takes a long time while preparing for a shoot. Her parent's altar includes elements of Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Catholicism.

"Soliloquy" Series (05:25)

Taylor-Wood describes wanting to portray the thoughts and dreams of the individual beneath their portrait. In "Ascension," a man tap dances on another man's body. Themes in the "Mute" exhibition include mortality and redemption.

Credits: Sam Taylor-Wood (00:21)

Credits: Sam Taylor-Wood

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Sam Taylor-Wood

Part of the Series : theEYE, Series 1: Installation, Conceptual and Performance Art, and Mixed Media
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Many of Sam Taylor-Wood‘s distinctive photographs and films depict an affluent and fashionable social scene. But her concerns are often isolation and anxiety, conflict and alienation. Her art is alluring and disarming, and also frequently formally inventive. She uses multiple screens, still images combined with sound, and complex interior views conjured up with a panoramic camera. Among her earliest photographs are confrontational and sexually charged self-portraits. Recently, after two periods of treatment for cancer, she has returned to exploring, both directly and allusively, images of herself. Religion too has become a focus for many of her artworks, which at times echo and extend the forms of religious art of the past. In this film, which features extracts from many key works including 16mm, Brontosaurus and Still Life. Sam Taylor-Wood reflects on her concerns and ways of working, on autobiography in her art, and on sex and death.

Length: 32 minutes

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