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"The Kitchen" (02:59)


Ben Langlands and Nikki Bell are interested in working with different mediums. The artists describe their creative process for the installation.

Furniture Building (03:12)

Langlands and Bell describe creating neutrality in their furniture. Pieces examined include "Conversation Seat," "Interlocking Chair," and "Traces of Living." "Opening and Capture" embraced the polarity of being an extrovert and introvert simultaneously.

Sculpture (02:42)

Art needs to reflect the maker's personality. Pieces examined include "BMW, Munich (LogoWork)," "Messeturm, Frankfurt (Logowork)," and "Logoworks #1,2,3, and 4." Langlands and Bell discuss their interest in prison and religious architecture.

Architectural Sculpture (02:54)

The "111 Strand" facade depicts the building's surrounding streets. Models allow an artist to be more imaginative, detached, and analytical. Langlands and Bell discuss "The Artist's Studio" a work commissioned by The National Trust commemorating the anniversary of J.M.W. Turner's death.

Expressing Aftermath in Art (07:00)

The curator of the Imperial War Museum commissions Langlands and Bell to create "The House of Osama bin Laden." When people inhabit a building, it takes on the occupier's personality. Other pieces include "Zardads Dog" and "NGO."

Codes Are Poetry (05:43)

The "" series includes "Dump," "Royal Palace Kabul," and "A Muse Um." Langlands and Bell incorporate acronyms of airports, museums, internet domains, security agencies, corporations, and non-governmental organizations into their art. Flags are a form of communication and a prop of war.

"Plunged in a Stream" (04:41)

Langlands and Bell discuss filming the Coudenberg Palace. Several visitors can virtually navigate the space in the museum. The Public Development Trust and Chelsfield PLC asks the artists to design "Paddington Bridge."

Credits: Langland and Bell (00:31)

Credits: Langland and Bell

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Langlands and Bell

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Ben Langlands and Nikki Bell, who were nominated for the Turner Prize in 2004, have worked together since 1978. Their precise, formally beautiful art explores the networks of today’s global society within a rigorous conceptual and aesthetic framework. They employ a wide range of media, including models displayed as sculpture, wall paintings, furniture and film. Through this diverse output runs a consistent engagement with ideas of space and place, with architecture and identity, with language and with the hidden connections of international politics. In the interview for this film, the artists reflect on their experiences traveling to the warzone of Afghanistan, where they made the controversial film Zardad’s Dog and researched the digital animation The House of Osama Bin Laden. Other recent works have used the technologies of immersive games and presented the signs and symbols of contemporary networks. Alongside this exploration of virtual worlds, they have also created real-world urban architecture, most notably the spectacular Paddington Basin Bridge in London.

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