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"My Aunt's Sheep" (05:56)


Julian Opie installs the artwork in Birmingham. Realistic means something that corresponds with an individual's experience of the world and does not need to be photographic. Opie describes how he is inspired by toys, graveyards, and Renaissance architecture.

"Waves Seagull's Voices" (04:36)

Opie discusses his inspiration behind the series where he incorporates flashing lights and sound in the pictures. An artist has an odd relationship with their work when he or she gains notoriety for a specific series.

Figure Paintings (06:47)

Opie appreciates that he now has workers who work on the installations. The artist discusses how buildings changed the way he makes art and how he never expected to work with portraits. Now he works on computer.

CD Covers (04:08)

Opie discusses his artwork for the band "Saint Etienne," "Blur," and collaboration with "Sleezenation." He reproduces digital images in different sizes.

Catalog of Work (03:43)

Opie details an archive of his work with prices included. Art does not have to be separated from the commercial and does not need to have a position. Fabricators find the price of the work shocking.

Credits: Julian Opie (00:37)

Credits: Julian Opie

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“I often feel that trying to make something realistic is the one criteria I can feel fairly sure of. Another one I sometimes use is, would I like to have it in my room? And I occasionally use the idea, if God allowed you to show him one thing to judge you by, would this really be it?” Julian Opie‘s highly distinctive depictions of the modern world are created in an extraordinary variety of media. His bold portraits, subtle landscapes, unconventional wallpaper, playful sculptures of animals, buildings and cars, computer films and much more present simplified and iconic versions of the contemporary environment. In a richly-illustrated interview ranging from his cut-metal sculptures of the early 1980s to the cool minimalism of his cover art for the best of blur CD, Julian Opie reflects on his ways of working, on exposing art in unconventional surroundings, on his sense of the world around him, and on his use of computers which today allow him not to have to construct any of his artworks in the traditional way.

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