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"Memories 1997-1999" (04:46)


The Dulwich Picture Gallery incorporates some of Howard Hodgkin's paintings into their permanent exhibition. "Chez Max" is a memorial of Max Gordon. Great Britain is not interested in contemporary artists.

Childhood and Development (03:50)

Hodgkin has wanted to be a painter since the age of five and spent many years in America. What artists do cannot be taught and individuals must learn by themselves; innate talent is overrated. Sensibility comes from a willingness to be naked before art.

Matching Physicality with Emotion (05:58)

Artists continue to learn every day. Hodgkin describes how being in his studio is lonely and demanding. There is a wonderful moment when he realizes that a painting is completed.

Dark Feelings (04:43)

Hodgkin hopes his paintings touch the viewers and do not want them to be beautiful. The color needs to be functional. Artists can incorporate more on a big canvas and it changes the relationship with the spectator.

Edges (06:06)

Hodgkin feels his paintings are very ordinary and should be hung on a wall at a right angle to the floor. A painting needs to tell the artist how to proceed. People need visual art in the world because it affects one's emotions.

Credits: Howard Hodgkin (00:30)

Credits: Howard Hodgkin

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Howard Hodgkin

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Howard Hodgkin is one of the world’s leading painters, whose art is admired both by critics and by a wide public. Beginning with a remembered experience, Hodgkin works on his seductive and complex paintings for long periods, characteristically producing richly colored, sweeping compositions, which continue into the picture-frame itself. These paintings uniquely straddle representation and abstraction, at the same time as they demonstrate both an awareness of history and an understanding of art’s potential today. Most recently, his interest in working in different scales, evident particularly in significantly larger paintings such as Americana and After Vuillard, demonstrates his concern to engage the viewer in new and challenging ways. In this interview, illustrated with many key paintings, Howard Hodgkin speaks with warmth and passion about how his methods, about his influences, about color and composition, and about the fundamental importance of painting. “You need things to look at,” he says simply, “things to affect your feelings, and your intelligence, and your heart.”

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