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"Seven Days and Seven Nights Camping in a Wood, Cairngorms, Scotland March 1985" (05:10)


Hamish Fulton's art is inspired by walking, incorporating a variety of media. His work is a symbolic gesture of respect for nature. He considers "Winter Solstice Full Moon The Pilgrims' Way" his first major work.

"Warm Dead Bird" (04:13)

Fulton wants to present the skeleton of an experience and allow the spectator to draw from their own experience; it is impossible to reproduce a walk. Examine "Mind Body Land."

"No Talking for Seven Days" (03:11)

Words are immediate. Works examined include "Eyes Feet Road, Japan" and "Sky, Sky, Sky." Fulton describes the influence of walking the Kii Peninsula.

Group Walks (03:23)

Fulton describes the influence of a Cho Oyu expedition in Tibet. Works explored include "Sun Moon," "Twenty Eight Sticks, Mount Hiei," and "Wild Bear."

Political Work (04:32)

Fulton is concerned with nature and land rights; his work does not focus on a single issue or is politically overt. Works examined include "When sitting Bull Crossed the Milk River" and "Sacred Magpie."

Expanding Works (05:06)

Fulton describes how his art has changed. Works examined include "Water Paths River Tides," "Kumano Mountain Skyline," and "UK Coast to Coast Walks Map." Walking is not an art medium.

Credits: Hamish Fulton (00:31)

Credits: Hamish Fulton

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Hamish Fulton

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Hamish Fulton describes himself as a “walking artist.” For more than thirty years he has undertaken demanding walks in many parts of the world, and drawn on his experiences to create distinctive artworks using text, graphics, and photographs. He aims to “leave no trace” in the landscape, and he acknowledges that his art cannot represent the experience of a walk. “What I’m interested in,” he explains, “is presenting a sort of skeleton of something, and then the viewer fills in what’s missing, maybe from your own experience.” Although they exhibit a striking consistency in their concerns, Hamish Fulton’s artworks can exist as large-scale wall paintings and as modest publications, as graphics to compete with advertising hoardings and as online animations. They are informed both by spiritual ideas and by political questions prompted by our uses of the environment and by specific issues such as land rights. Made alongside Hamish Fulton’s large-scale 2002 exhibition at Tate Britain, this profile features both an extensive range of the artist’s work made since 1971 and an engaging interview in which he outlines his ideas.

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