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Karl Weschke (05:13)


Weschke paints a young palm tree on his property. He discusses growing up in an orphanage, joining the Air Force, and how the landscape influences his paintings.

"Body on the Beach" (04:15)

Weschke describes events that influenced the painting. "Caliban" is more romantic in nature. Every picture an artist makes is an extension of his or herself.

"Woman and Dog on the Beach I" (06:51)

Weschke describes events after the Great Outrage that inspired the painting. Other works examined include "Leda and the Swan," "Europa and the Bull," and "The Studies of the Women of Berlin." Sublime moments derive from ordinary events.

"The Green Swimsuit" (04:01)

Works examined include "The Pact," "The Fire Eater with Spectators," and "Alighting." Weschke wants his paintings to communicate similarities between himself and the viewer.

Drawings (04:50)

A sketch is seeing with one's hands. Works examined include "Deir el Bahri," "Esna," and "The Meeting." Weschke describes his trip to Egypt and the influence of the Great Pyramids. Without artists, humans would cease to exist.

Credits: Karl Weschke (00:24)

Credits: Karl Weschke

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Karl Weschke

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Karl Weschke‘s impressive, complex paintings picture the human figure and the landscape, the every day, and the mythical. His subjects include dogs and drowned bodies, creatures from legends and, increasingly in recent years, the monumental ruins of ancient Egypt. For more than fifty years, he has explored the possibilities of painting and its relevance to an uncertain world. Produced alongside a retrospective at Tate St Ives, with additional paintings from British collections, this film profiles the artist in the Cornwall that has been his home since 1955. Filmed in and around his studio and in the coastal landscape that informs all of his work, Weschke speaks engagingly about his rich, remarkable life and about many of his most significant canvases. Like his work, the painter is serious, intense, spare – and yet also with an appealing streak of mischief.

Length: 26 minutes

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