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Malcolm Morley (02:35)


Morley discusses his creative process; viewers say they want the artist to adapt but they do not really mean it. Painters should look at nature through their own temperament.

Painting Technique (05:25)

Morley cuts up photographic elements, affixes them to the canvas, and paints a larger scale version; he does not thin pigment with turpentine. An artist needs to be ambitious to generate emotions.

Sea Paintings (04:30)

One thinks of waves when painting the ocean; people learn to see through metaphors. Morley discusses reproducing Johannes Vermeer's "Portrait of the Artist in His Studio."

Effects of War (04:30)

Morley plays music when painting. Works examined include "Night Rider," "Reverie," and "Alexander Norsky." The artist discusses his criminal record and background.

Art Career (02:18)

Morley discusses becoming increasingly self-conscious while attending Camberwell and the Royal College of Art.

Toy Model Influences (05:17)

Morley recalls a bomb destroying his balsa wood model of the HMS Nelson during World War II. Works examined include "Ship's Dinner Party," "Coronation and Beach Scene," and "Race Track."

Abstract Elements (02:54)

Morley discusses how his work has transitioned from being very controlled to having translucent qualities; the palette knife mixes the paint.

Art from Dreams (05:12)

Artists feel that they will lose a part of themselves under psychoanalysis. Works examined include "Arizoniac," Spud Kill," and the airplane plan series. Morley incorporates images of Afghanis that were published in the New York Times.

Credits: Malcolm Morley (00:22)

Credits: Malcolm Morley

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Malcolm Morley

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Malcolm Morley is one of the most significant and influential painters working today. Born in England but active in the United States since the late 1950s, Morley has developed an intensely individual vision embracing, but never determined by, autobiography, politics, psychoanalysis, myth, the visual culture of his time and the limitless potential of paint. Filmed as Morley works in his distinctive manner on a spectacular new canvas, this documentary features the artist’s provocative reflections on his life, painting technique, influences, and concerns. It also illustrates a wide range of his paintings from the earliest abstract works, through the painstakingly precise depictions of reproductions (on postcards, from travel brochures) of ships, contemporary scenes and Old Masters, to the catastrophe pictures of the 1970s. Paintings engaging with ancient cultures followed, and then works based on the cardboard cut-out airplane and boat kits which Morley has made since his youth. Most recently, he has returned to paintings of news photographs, exploring a striking and challenging new range of imagery.

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