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Inspiration and Education (04:15)


Joe Tilson spends every summer in Tuscany, Italy. He discusses attending St. Martin's School of Art and studying with Frank Auerbach and Leon Kossoff. Pop artists are the center of London during the 1960s.

Artistic Reflections (02:24)

Tilson and his wife retreat to the country because of the riots and uprisings. Paintings reflect the political landscape of the time period and include images of Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr.

Five Senses Series (03:32)

Tilson's work is based on structure. Images are mainly taken from the media and put onto slides. Other works examined includes "A-Z, Box of Friends and Family," and "Ziggurat."

Four Elements (03:54)

Tilson discusses he and his wife's decision to live in the country and become more focused on sustainability. Works examined include "Fire Wheel," the "Ladder" series, and "Mnemonic Device." Greek letters have structure.

Artistic Tradition (02:55)

Progress is hard to sustain in painting. A painter's value is in the new images he or she can add to the tradition. Tilson discusses his creative process using notebooks.

Italian Inspiration (05:06)

Tilson describes how living in the Mediterranean has influenced his artwork. Gold is considered sacred in Mycenaean times. Every human is different.

Conjunction Series (06:07)

Tilson wants to reflect the vivid nature in Tuscany and discusses his latest project involving mythology. Thousands of swallowtail butterflies swarm in the region. The idea of touch and creation is a recurrent theme in his art.

Credits: Joe Tilson (00:24)

Credits: Joe Tilson

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Since the 1960s, when he was associated with British Pop Art, Joe Tilson has enjoyed international acclaim for the individuality and originality of his paintings, constructions, prints, and multiples. All of his playful, engaging work is informed with ideas from literature, philosophy, ethnography and alchemy. Tilson’s early work focussed on mass-market consumerism and politics. But he was soon disenchanted with mechanical methods of production and his art in the 1970s and 1980s employed hand-worked wood and metal in intriguing ways. Shot in and around the artist’s studio in Cortona, Italy, this film was produced alongside Joe Tilson’s first British retrospective at London’s Royal Academy of Arts. He speaks engagingly about his career, his craft and many of his key works, including his most recent paintings. Inspired by the landscape surrounding his home in the Tuscan hills, these works use striking and vibrant colors in conjunction with text and explore the enduring themes of sex, birth, and death.

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