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Exhibition in Stockholm (03:19)


Yinka Shonibare discusses the invitation from Lars Nittve, the city's sea tradition, and exploration and colonialism. "Vasa" contains a replica of the boat in a glass bottle. Shonibare returns to London to complete his A-levels and attend art school.

Authentic African Art (05:45)

African fabrics are manufactured in Holland and Hyde. "Double Dutch" makes real world fabric abstract. Shonibare incorporates the medium in the paint to make it more tactile.

Fashion (02:55)

The "19th Century Kids" series incorporates aristocratic costume and reinterprets it for the colonies. Shonibare discusses why he decapitated male figures in "Hound."

"Space Walk" and "Vacation" (05:10)

Shonibare examines exploitation and colonization in "Vacation." For "Space Walk" the artist incorporates fabrics influenced by 1970s record covers. Grand tours of aristocratic society inspires "Gallantry and Criminal Conversation."

"The Swing (after Fragonard)" (04:33)

Shonibare explains why he wanted to reimagine William Hogarth and Jean-Honoré Fragonard's famous works. Shonibare's art is a metaphor for the decadent lifestyle of modern society. He displays an interest in the politics of representation in the "Diary of a Victorian Dandy" series.

Interest in "Dandyism" (03:00)

Dress is politically motivated. Shonibare discusses his interest in the outsider. Works examined include "Big Boy," and the "Picture of Dorian Gray" series,

Credits: Yinka Shonibare (00:27)

Credits: Yinka Shonibare

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Yinka Shonibare

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Yinka Shonibare is a painter, photographer and installation artist, whose art is influenced by both the cultures of Nigeria, where he grew up, and Britain, where he studied and now lives. He has exhibited widely all over the world, and this film profile includes exhibitions filmed in London, Rotterdam and Stockholm. His paintings and his sculptural installations make extensive use of dyed fabrics, which became popular in West Africa after independence. But many of these textiles betray Indonesian influences, are manufactured in Holland and are purchased by the artist in Brixton in south London. The complexities of nationality and identity, of history and ethnicity, post-colonialism and today’s global economy, form the intellectual and aesthetic arena in which Shonibare works His works have a strongly contemporary feel, but at the same time they engage with the traditions and masterworks of western art history. The results are witty and playful, sensuous and poetic.

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