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Kunsthaus Exhibition (03:06)


Artworks examined include "The Hole," "Door," "Meadow Sod," and "Bird Point"; there is no clear theme. Gary Hume discusses creating a retrospective exhibit and showing his older work.

"Door" Series (03:29)

Hume wants his paintings to be perceived as beautiful if they capture the truthful essence of a subject; artists should embrace embarrassment. Works include "Dream," "All He Knows," and the "Girl Boy, Boy Girl." Institutional doors have no status.

Abstract Portraits (05:10)

Hume discusses choosing British subjects and incorporating gloss paint. Works examined include "Patsy Kensit," "Kate," and "Tony Blackburn." Hume focuses on lines in the "Water Painting" series.

Inspiration (03:35)

Hume describes finding subjects in picture books, digital photographs, flowers, and people. Works examined include "Hermaphrodite Polar Bear," "Birdsong," "Smoke," and "Bracelet." A painting is not working if it starts to feel like it carries a didactic message.

"Snowmen" Series (04:09)

Hume describes how he began creating sculptures. "Back of Snowman" is equally interesting at every angle. Other works examined include "Beanstalk," "Underwear," and "Wet Nurse."

Changing Palettes (05:31)

Hume describes how changing colors helps previously created drawings become works of art. Works examined include "At the Party," "Rome V," "Untitled 008," and "Untitled 0012." The artist paints to describe himself.

Credits: Gary Hume (00:23)

Credits: Gary Hume

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Gary Hume

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Gary Hume makes beautiful paintings. His materials are household paints on aluminum surfaces and his subjects, he says, are “flora, fauna, and portraits.” The results are elegant, delicate, simple yet elusive and exquisite. Playing gloriously with color and light, they are paintings of subtle tones, idiosyncratic clashes, and insistent reflections. Interviewed in his studio, Gary Hume reflects on his work from the 1980s, when his Doors series won instant acclaim, to his latest creations. As so often, his new work balances recognizable images with abstraction. His people, like Kate (1996) and Michael (2001), are contemporary icons conjured up from bold shapes and strong planes of color. Illustrated in this profile are many of Gary Hume’s most notable paintings, specially filmed in exhibitions in London and Dublin, and in a major 2004 show in Bregenz, Austria. Also featured are the artist’s rarely-seen drawings and, in contrasting settings, his deadpan sculpture Snowman.

Length: 26 minutes

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