Segments in this Video

Venice Biennale Installation (02:18)


Chris Ofili, David Adjaye, and Ove Arup collaborate on the British Pavilion. The structure of the starburst is incomplete.

"The Upper Room" (06:12)

Ofili explores whether painting is still a relevant art form for today's society; it is an imaginary, hand-made activity. Adjaye's installation features 13 canvases by Ofili.

Venice Biennale Pre-production (03:37)

Ofili discusses his creative process while collaborating with Adjaye. The architect designs colored fabric walls to complement the paintings. The glass piece will be installed in the middle of the space.

"Within Reach" (02:47)

Marcus Garvey theorizes that African people can be unified under one symbolic flag. The series signifies love, unity, happiness, and romance in African culture.

Glass Dome (04:29)

Glass shards are installed to form a curve above the space. Charles Walker describes the technical process. Artists provide the opportunity for chance occurrences.

Venice Biennale Completion (05:11)

Ofili discusses wanting to design an intimate experience. His paintings incorporate a narrative of two or more figures in a landscape. People are more susceptible to attack when they are comfortable and find things beautiful.

Credit: Chris Ofili (00:24)

Credit: Chris Ofili

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Chris Ofili

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In 2003 Chris Ofili created the spectacular installation within reach for the British Pavilion at the Venice Biennale. Combining a cycle of paintings depicting lovers in a Paradise-like garden with a shimmering glass dome, Ofili plunged visitors into disorienting spaces of dense color and enveloping light. Shot in London, Germany and Venice, this film relates the creation of Within Reach. Chris Ofili’s reflections on the process are complemented by interviews with his collaborator in Venice, architect David Adjaye, and the structural engineer from Arup Associates, who helped realise the complex dome. Also included is an exploration of The Upper Room, an installation of 13 exquisite canvases by Ofili, which was first shown in 2002. Both this and Within Reach are about “trying to create an atmosphere for people to feel somehow out of themselves.” His aim, the artist explains, is to “do something that is sincerely interesting and can honestly enhance the experience of looking.”

Length: 26 minutes

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