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Omeras Factory, Germany (03:40)


Ian Davenport watches his panels for the Western Bridge undergo firing. Every year, a million people will see the installation. Davenport has become more interested in color.

Technical Process (02:38)

An artist mixes enamel with oil and thins it with water. Using a syringe, Davenport pours the paint in a precise line. After a couple of days, the panels are fired in the furnace.

Davenport's Background (04:28)

Davenport discusses his education, growing interest in using paint as a subject, and working in varying scales. Works examined include "Electric Fan Painting No. 5," "Paint Pot," and "Ellipse Painting."

"Black Painting" Series (03:13)

Gravity forms the shapes in "Untitled: Matt Black, Gloss Black, Satin Black." Davenport discusses how long it took to technically simplify the idea. Works examined include "Poured Painting: Black, Blue, Black," "Poured Painting: Green, Grey Blue, Green," and "Poured Painting: Blue, Black, Blue"

"Untitled Circle Painting: 6 Various Blues" (05:04)

Pancakes are the inspiration for the artwork. Davenport describes creating a dialogue with gravity. Warwick University and Southwark city invite the artist to paint a commission.

Warwick University (02:31)

Architects will allow Davenport to create a work anywhere on the campus. The artist likes to explore the relationship between control and chance.

"Poured Lines: Southwark Street" (03:41)

The art piece is larger than the Sistine Chapel; beauty is arbitrary. Artists explore the world visually and become frustrated when pigeon-holed in a specific genre.

Credits: Ian Davenport (00:42)

Credits: Ian Davenport

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Ian Davenport

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Ian Davenport’s 48 meter-long painting Poured Lines transforms the tunnel beneath a railway bridge in Southwark, close to Tate Modern. The painting’s numerous vitreous enamel panels were created in a German factory where they were baked at fearsomely high temperatures. This film follows the artist as he creates this remarkable public artwork. Like all of Ian Davenport’s work, Poured Lines rigorously explores the qualities and possibilities of paint but is at the same time a joyful and exuberant composition. It also responds to the city around it, enhancing the colors and movements of a busy road. Ian Davenport showed in the near-legendary Freeze exhibition, organized by Damien Hirst, in 1988 and he was nominated for the Turner Prize in 1991. But as his paintings have evolved over two decades, his central concerns of color and abstraction, experiment and the every day, have remained strikingly consistent. Poured Lines exemplifies the simple delight of his very best work.

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