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Exhibition Preparations (03:23)


This episode will explore an interview with Sandra Blow shortly before her death. She considers which three paintings to submit for the Royal Academy Summer Show; "Simulacra" will be too big.

Blow's Background (02:31)

Blow discusses her first exhibit in a Royal Academy show. Leaving discarded scraps of paper in the studio can provide inspiration. A studio assistant helps carry the big pictures.

Painting Style (03:44)

Blow considers her paintings' non-functional architecture; collage techniques add purity to the artwork. Blow describes how a visit to Italy inspired her to use burlap.

African Art (03:55)

Blow describes inspiration from a Joseph Underwood book. Works explored include "Untitled," "Oil Drawing," and "Beige Plaster and Red."

Art and Color (03:15)

Many colors provide harmony and variety. Blow finds working with only a few colors difficult. Her art is not about strong emotional subjects.

Polaroids (04:37)

Shapes inspire Blow; she looks for balance in her paintings. Dante's "Inerno" and lines are the inspiration behind "Selva Oscura."

Blow's Later Work (05:26)

Blow admires the bravery of painters like Francis Bacon and Roger Hilton. Paintings explored include "Vivace" and "Glad Ocean." There is a presence in her paintings Blow tries not to define.

Credits: Sandra Blow (00:27)

Credits: Sandra Blow

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Sandra Blow

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Three spectacular canvases by Sandra Blow were one of the highlights of the 2006 Royal Academy Summer Exhibition. Sadly, this was her last show, as she died in August that year. This film was made in her studio in St. Ives as she was preparing to submit her works, and it captures her remarkable character and her fascinating reflections on a lifetime creating beautiful, rigorous, distinctive and joyous paintings. Sandra Blow spent a formative year as a student in Italy in the late 1940s, and she returned to London to begin a distinguished career dedicated to developing her vigorous abstract art. In addition to paint, she worked with a diverse range of materials, including sacking, plaster, and colored paper collages, and while her work often referred to landscape and to architecture, it was always exploring ideas of pure form and color, balance and chance, light and movement.


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