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"Deep End" (01:53)


Richard Wilson describes his creative process of inspiration and fabrication. The most successful pieces are those that the viewer remains ignorant of the amount of effort needed to create them.

"Big Dipper" (04:14)

Wilson discusses his breakthrough when creating the sculpture. The functional aspect creates the aesthetic. His seminal work is considered to be "20:50."

"Bow Gamelan Ensemble" (02:05)

Wilson discusses his musical collaboration with Paul Burwell and Anne Bean.

"Jamming Gears" (04:36)

Jonathan Watkins and Julia Peyton-Jones invite Wilson to create an installation before the Serpentine Gallery closes for a major renovation. Wilson discusses the inspiration for "Turbine Hall Swimming Pool" and collaboratingwith Burwell.

"Slice of Reality" (05:13)

Wilson discusses his inspiration and creative process for the sculpture. Creative thinking allows artists to re-purpose found objects into a current idea.

"Over Easy" (03:50)

Wilson discusses his inspiration for creating a sculpture for the new arts center in Stockton-on-Tees.

"Off Kilter" (03:28)

Wilson discusses his inspiration for the light and sound control tower in Millennium Square. He enjoys challenging preconceptions in "Water Table."

Credits: Richard Wilson (00:34)

Credits: Richard Wilson

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Richard Wilson

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Richard Wilson is an internationally renowned sculptor and installation artist who often works on an architectural scale. 20:50, his room-sized sea of reflective sump oil, is an overwhelming experience. More recent works like Jamming Gears, made for London's Serpentine Gallery, and Over Easy, built into The Arc arts center in Stockton-in-Tees, offer resonant and profound challenges to our sense of space and of the environment around us. By turns amusing and disturbing, Wilson's creations are about upsetting our preconceptions of who we are and what kind of world we live in. In this profile, Wilson outlines the genesis and meanings of a selection of key works, including Slice of Reality, a 20-meter-high cross-section of 600-ton dredger set in the Thames riverbed near the Millennium Dome. Like this monument to Britain's shipping industry, many of Wilson's works are created for specific places, and he reflects here on this, on the importance of collaboration and on his spectacular performances throughout the 1980s with Paul Burwell and Anne Bean in the Bow Gamelan Ensemble.

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