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Exhibition at Serpentine Gallery (03:34)


Rachel Whiteread's pieces include "Untitled (Cast Iron Floor)," "Untitled (Novels)," and "Untitled (Wardrobe)." Whiteread discusses her early artistic career.

Denial of Death (04:41)

Death is not sinister; memories are left behind. "Untitled (Amber Bed)" inspires the exploration of homelessness and poverty. Whiteread wants to silence the room in "Ghost."

"House" (05:28)

Whiteread discusses the technical process of erecting the sculpture. Councilman Flanders petitions for its demolition.

Holocaust Memorial (06:41)

Whiteread discusses fighting for two years to get the monument erected and taking five years to build it; Vienna's politics are bureaucratic. Whiteread finds watching people fascinating.

Later Work (04:49)

Whiteread discusses frustrations with casting staircases and building "Monument" for the fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square. Nelson's Column is an amazing folly.

Credits: Rachel Whiteread (00:26)

Credits: Rachel Whiteread

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Rachel Whiteread

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Rachel Whiteread has created some of the most remarkable and resonant public sculptures of recent years. House (now demolished) cast in concrete the interior of a terraced house in London’s East End. Holocaust Memorial is a moving memorial in Vienna to the victims of the holocaust in Austria. Yet she also frequently works on a domestic scale, casting in plaster and resin the spaces inside, around and beneath furniture, floors, and staircases. Her art is a uniquely poetic response to the every day, and to the haunting themes of memory and mortality. In this video profile, Rachel Whiteread speaks about the ideas that prompted a number of her best-known sculptures, including Ghost, her first cast of the space inside a complete room, and Monument, which established a shimmering presence in London’s Trafalgar Square during the summer of 2001. She also outlines the complexities of creating her often technically challenging works and reflects on the controversies that they have sometimes set off.


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