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Tony Cragg (03:15)


Workers at the Kunstgiesserei Schmake cast a sculpture for Cragg. Materials should be used as metaphors to create meaning; reality is based on utility.

"Early Forms" (06:21)

Sculpture is a are art form and has social vitality. Cragg discusses his creative process and early evolution as an artist. See footage of him installing "New Stones-Newton's Tones."

Art Mediums (04:53)

Cragg explains how plastic and collaboration inspired his sculptures in the 1980s. Bronze and aluminum create more complicated forms.

Artistic Themes (05:11)

Cragg tends to incorporate vessels in his artwork. He is interested in what is created between two organic and geometric forms; finding something new to express in figurative sculpture is difficult.

Artistic Sculptures (05:35)

Cragg does not like to have exhibitions that appear to be installations or environmental. "My Own" and "Species" are two new works. Sculpture will be important in developing new forms in the future.

Credits: Tony Cragg (00:32)

Credits: Tony Cragg

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Tony Cragg

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In a distinguished career since the mid-1970s, Tony Cragg has produced a strikingly diverse range of sculptures in the widest variety of materials. His prolific output embraces organic and industrial creations, abstract and near-figurative images, delicate, powerful, immediate and yet elusive forms. The sculptor, he says, “looks for all the forms that don’t exist.” Filmed in the UK and Germany, where Tony Cragg has lived since the early 1980s, this profile features works produced over the past twenty-five years for both gallery and public contexts. In the interview, Cragg discusses his working methods, his fascination with different materials and his fundamental commitment to sculpture as an art form. He speaks of his passion for the significance of sculpture, for its oddities, its quirkiness and its potential discoveries in today’s overwhelmingly utilitarian world.


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