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Installation (04:15)


Workmen help install "Marsyas" commissioned by the Unilever Series for the Turbine Hall in the Tate Modern Museum. Artists educate themselves in public. Anish Kapoor believes that form has metaphysical memory and discusses his creative process for the sculpture.

First Works (03:38)

Kapoor asks a computer to change a circle into a square. The artist discusses several proposals before settling on the final form for "Marsyas." Overcoming issues set up by the architecture and retaining an artistic vision are more important than the idea itself.

Final Proposal (03:39)

Two steel rings are attached to the building; a third floats above a platform. PVC is stretched between the three rings. "Marsyas" must open on a specific day.

Common Themes (03:09)

Color materializes and de-materializes an object. Kapoor makes something every day. Sculpture takes a long time and collaboration with other craftsmen is essential.

Materials (02:24)

The artist discusses how he chooses his mediums for a sculpture. Color and form contain metaphysical, psychological, and historical memories for individuals.

Public Art (03:43)

Kapoor discusses his creative process in his previous projects "Sky Mirror" and "Taratantara."

"Marsyas" (07:31)

See footage of workers erecting the installation at the Tate Modern. Kapoor is concerned whether the temporary nature of the object can have a real presence. Monochrome color confronts the spectator with the unexpected; the form constantly flows from positive to negative.

Credits: Anish Kapoor (00:26)

Credits: Anish Kapoor

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In October 2002 Anish Kapoor completed his extraordinary sculpture Marsyas for The Unilever Series of commissions in the Turbine Hall at Tate Modern, London. A challenging and overwhelming artwork, Marsyas is a vast red PVC membrane stretched between three massive steel rings. The title refers to a satyr in Greek mythology who was flayed alive by the god Apollo. This film follows the making of Marsyas, from the earliest maquettes to the complex installation at Tate. Anish Kapoor comments on each stage of the process, and on the ideas and concerns of his art. Also illustrated are a range of his other sculptures and two recent large-scale works: Sky Mirror in Nottingham and Taratantara, created for the empty shell of Baltic as this new art center was being built in Gateshead.

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