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Retrospective Show (04:23)


Liliane Lijn examines the way light interacts with matter in her art. Individuals see because light reflects off objects. The artist discusses the evolution of her creative process, education at the Sorbonne, Ecole du Louvre, and interest in Buddhism.

"Skyscroll" Series (05:29)

Pieces include "Floating in Blood Heaven" and "Cloud Sky." Lijn describes how she started incorporating ski wax, text, and plastic in her creations. Letters are lines.

Moving to London (04:05)

Artist works with the means at their disposable. Lijn describes how she began working with fabricators and engineers. Works examined include "Zero Gravity Koan," "See Through Koans," "White Koan," and "What is the sound of one hand clapping?"

Feminism (06:04)

Becoming an artist as a female in the late 1950s is an act of defiance. Lijn discusses how she incorporated male-oriented areas such as light, science, and technology into her work. Most images of women are male visions.

Character Archetypes (03:36)

Works examined include "The Bride" and "Electric Bride." Lijn compares the feeling of working with hot glass with rape. The role of an artist is to constantly make discoveries and never feel accomplished.

Credits: Liliane LIjn (00:34)

Credits: Liliane LIjn

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Liliane Lijn

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Science and Surrealism, ancient myths, Buddhism, and feminism are among the frameworks of ideas important to Liliane Lijn’s art. In Paris at the end of the 1950s, in Greece and New York, and in England since 1966, she has worked with light, energy, and movement, with archetypal shapes and unconventional materials to produce art that is clear, complex and strikingly beautiful. Many of Liliane Lijn’s key drawings and sculptures are featured in this profile, which was filmed alongside an important reassessment of her work at the Mead Gallery. The Poem Machines and Koans of the 1960s and 1970s are considered as well as the ambitious “goddess” figures of more recent years. Liliane Lijn speaks passionately about the art she has made across four decades and that she continues, with great energy, to create today.

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