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Early Career (03:22)


Vong Phaophanit describes his evolution into incorporating neon light. The Laos-born artist frequently collaborates with his partner, Claire Oboussier. "In the Shadow of Words" examines issues of cultural identity and displacement.

"Neon Rice Field" (03:03)

Phaophanit explores cultural identity, stereotypes, and displacement between the East and West. Keeping a poetic element is crucial.

"Ash and Silk Wall" (03:42)

Glass traps and sandwiches the ash and silk. Phaophanit explores the cultural connotations and contradictions within the piece. A fellowship in Berlin inspires "Atopia."

Collaboration (03:17)

Phaophanit describes the ideas behind the temporary "Bay Windows" installation.

First Major Collaborative Commission (03:35)

Liverpool Housing Action Trust commissions "Outhouse." During the daytime the structure acts as a community space and turns into a sculpture at night. Phaophanit describes how the location influenced the design.

Studio-Based Work (03:50)

The "Perforated Objects" series consists of "My First Microscope," "Still Life," and "Non-Identical Twins." Phaophanit creates a work of art from vinyl records. "England and Poland" depicts a soccer match without a ball.

"Life Lines" (03:57)

This public art installation at Southend-on-Sea features six sensors triggering LED lighting. An abstract landscape is etched on a translucent structure.

Connections Between Works (02:57)

Phaophanit describes his collective work as fragmented. Artists manage their own time, explore their own interests, collaborate with other craftsmen, and choose subjects.

Credits: Vong Phaophanit (00:27)

Credits: Vong Phaophanit

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Vong Phaophanit showed his strikingly seductive Neon Rice Field when he was nominated for the Turner Prize in 1993. Like much of his rich and complex work since then, this installation exhibits a strong interest in language and light, in the painterly qualities of ephemeral materials and in ideas of cultural displacement. He was born in Laos, educated in France and has worked mostly in Britain since the early 1990s. Much of his work now is commissioned for architectural and environmental settings, including Outhouse in Liverpool. Created like many of his large-scale sculptures with fellow artist Claire Oboussier, this is a transparent glass house (with opaque windows) which serves as a flexible social space for the people who live in the surrounding tower blocks. In this profile, the artist reflects on his public work and his more private “studio” art, including his engaging series of perforated objects. He also discusses his most recent project, Life Lines, produced with Claire Oboussier in 2006 for Southend-on-Sea. Using cutting-edge electronic technology, Life Lines is an interactive light sculpture that responds to movement, sound, air pressure, humidity, light and wind, to reflect its ever-changing coastal environment.

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