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Holy Trinity (01:27)


Located in the village of Blythburgh near Suffolk, this church was erected in the 15th century. Christian houses of worship have been created in all sizes and shapes.

Saint Catherine’s Monastery (06:20)

Jews, Muslims, and Christians believe that God revealed the Ten Commandments to Moses on Mount Sinai. Early Christians built a chapel around what they believed to be the burning bush; a basilica was built in the sixth century. Reliquaries contain the hand and the head of St. Catherine.

San Vitale (05:35)

Justinian conquered the Ostrogoths capital of Ravenna during the sixth century. This church blended Byzantine and Greco-Roman architecture. Justinian and Theodora were depicted with halos around their heads.

Durham Cathedral (05:51)

Religion separated in the 11th century, forming the Greek Orthodox and Roman Catholic churches. The Normans conquered England; three cathedrals were built for Saint Cuthbert. All Roman architecture sprang from the first pointed arch.

Chartres Cathedral (04:46)

The Cathedral of Our Lady of Chartres was rebuilt after a fire destroyed it in the 12th century; the western facade survived. The church was not looted during the French Revolution and survived the German Occupation during World War II.

Bristol Church (07:34)

Protestant reformers removed much of the Catholic imagery. Medieval merchants financed St. Mary Redcliffe; William II Canynges was the main benefactor. Sailors came to pray at the shrine of St. Mary before a sea voyage until the Reformation.

St. Peter’s Basilica (06:43)

Located in Vatican City, construction began under Pope Julius II. Parts were designed by Donator Bramante, Michelangelo, and Gian Lorenzo Bernini. Pope Benedict XVI described the Papal Basilica as a living place, not a museum.

Moscow Cathedral (03:42)

Ivan the Terrible commissioned Postnik Yakovlev to build a Russian Orthodox Church after emerging victorious from the Russo-Kazan War. St. Basil's was erected in the 16th century and is located adjacent to the Moscow River and the Kremlin on Red Square.

Chapel of Our Lady of the Rosary (05:43)

Henri Matisse designed the chapel after his nurse became a Dominican nun. The artist spent four years in collaboration with Father Marie-Alain Couturier; stained-glass windows depict the tree of life as a cactus.

Chapel of St. Ignatius (04:38)

Steven Holl designed the chapel as "A Gathering of Different Lights." Father Gerald Cobb collaborated with the architect on creating a space that would welcome all religious perspectives.

Credits: Christianity (00:35)

Credits: Christianity

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Locations for Christianity include Saint Catherine’s monastery at the foot of Mt Sinai, San Vitale in Ravenna, the cathedrals of Durham and Chartres, St Peter’s Basilica, and the beautiful chapel decorated by Henri Matisse in Vence, France.

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