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"Kiss Me, Kate": "Another Op'nin', Another Show" (10:50)


The cast rehearses a musical version of William Shakespeare's "Taming of the Shrew." Fred Graham pursues Lois Lane, who is portraying Bianca. Lilli Vanessi, his ex-wife, plays Katherine. Bill Calhoun misses rehearsal.

"Kiss Me, Kate": "Why Can't You Behave?" (04:53)

Bill, Lois' boyfriend, arrives late for rehearsal because he was gambling. Pops pays the cab fare. Lois reprimands him after signing an IOU in Fred's name.

"Kiss Me, Kate": "Wunderbar" (09:12)

Washington insider Harrison Howell calls to wish Lilli good luck before the performance. Fred and Lilli reminisce about the operetta where they met and celebrate the first anniversary of their divorce.

"Kiss Me, Kate": "So in Love" (08:59)

After two gangsters demand payment, Fred says he never signed the IOU. Lilli receives flowers from Fred and declares that she is still in love with him. He tries to prevent her from reading the card because he wrote it for Lois.

"Kiss Me, Kate": "We Open in Venice" (02:26)

The show begins. The chorus sings an opening song about performing the show.

"Kiss Me, Kate": "Tom, Dick or Harry" (06:57)

Katherine and Bianca's father will not allow the youngest to marry until the eldest is wed. Lucentio, Hortensio, and Gremio woo Bianca.

"Kiss Me, Kate": "I've Come to Wive it Wealthily in Padua" (05:46)

Bianca throws a flower to Lucentio. Petruchio expresses a desire to marry into wealth. The suitors hatch a plan to wed Katherine to Petruchio.

"Kiss Me, Kate": "I Hate Men" (05:08)

Lucentio whispers to Baptista that he found a potential suitor. Katherine has no intention of marrying.

"Kiss Me, Kate": "Were Thine That Special Face" (10:31)

Baptista settles Katherine's dowry. Petruchio attempts to woo the shrew. LIlli reads the card, realizing that the flowers were intended for Lois.

"Kiss Me, Kate": "We Sing of Love (Cantiamo D'Amore)" (10:56)

Lilli quits the show. The gangsters reappear; Graham convinces them to persuade Lilli to stay. The chorus dances while squashing grapes.

"Kiss Me, Kate": "Kiss Me, Kate" (05:17)

Petruchio and Katherine marry; the gangsters dressed in Shakespearean costumes keeping Lilli from leaving the stage.

"Kiss Me, Kate": "Too Darn Hot" (11:35)

During intermission, the musicians, cast, and crew lament that it is too hot to meet their lovers.

"Kiss Me, Kate": "Where is the Life That Late I Led?" (12:19)

Katherine cannot perform the mule scene because of the spanking. Petruchio laments his former life as a bachelor and attempts to tame his wife.

"Kiss Me, Kate": "Always True to You in My Fashion" (10:41)

Fred cautions Howell about entering the stage. Bill overhears Lois reuniting with Howell, one of her former lovers. Lois assures Bill that she is faithful to him in her own way.

"Kiss Me, Kate": "From This Moment On" (07:55)

Lilli tries to explain that she is being held against her will by gangsters, but Harrison does not believe her. Fred believes Lilli will be bored with marriage after living a life in the theater.

"Kiss Me, Kate": "Bianca" (04:21)

Bill sings a love song he wrote for Lois.

"Kiss Me, Kate": "So in Love" (Reprise) (06:00)

The gangsters learn that their boss has been killed and tear up the IOU. Fred tries to convince Lilli to stay; she leaves the theater.

"Kiss Me, Kate": "Brush Up Your Shakespeare" (05:06)

The gangsters explain that knowing Shakespeare is the key to romance.

"Kiss Me, Kate": "I Am Ashamed That Women Are So Simple" (06:02)

Lilli returns during the wedding of Bianca and Lucentio. Fred and Lilli reconcile on stage and the play ends with them kissing.

Credits: Kiss Me, Kate (00:42)

Credits: Kiss Me, Kate

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The Tony-sweeping hit Broadway revival of the 2000 season, staged by Michael Blakemore. It was recorded at the Victoria Palace Theatre when the show transferred to London. Rachel York and Brent Barrett star in composer Cole Porter's masterpiece, inspired by Shakespeare's Taming of the Shrew. Two bickering couples in a theatrical troupe's tryout run fuel the hilarious action. A crown jewel musical of Broadway's golden age, with eighteen classic songs, this was Kiss Me Kate's first revival in almost 50 years.

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