Titles in this Series

Act One: Part 1

Item #: 194815

Act One: Part 2

Item #: 194816

Act Two: Part 1

Item #: 194817

Act Two: Part 2

Item #: 194818

Act Three: Part 1

Item #: 194819

Act Three: Part 2

Item #: 194820

Act Three: Part 3/ Act Four: Part 1

Item #: 194821

Act Four: Part 2

Item #: 194822

Act Four: Part 3

Item #: 194823

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Landmark Emmy-winning milestone. This is the 9 hour Royal Shakespeare Company's presentation of Trevor Nunn and John Caird's production, adapted by David Edgar. The worldwide stage event based on the Charles Dickens novel, stars Roger Rees.Staged at the Old Vic, this unique theatrical experience established Rees as one of the finest interpreters of Dickens in our day. More than one hundred roles are played by the cast of forty actors. It is, as the Guardian has described it, regularly celebrated as "a high-water mark" of mythic proportions, with status as a classic of the English-speaking world. The legendary finale of three tiers of Christmas carolers includes, like the rest of the extravagenza, a characteristic Dickensian dark note.

Length: 504 minutes

Item#: BVL194814

ISBN: 978-1-64623-512-4

Copyright date: ©1982

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