Segments in this Video

What is Love? (03:43)


Evita, Kevin, and Brianna share their views on what love means. Evita and Kevin, who have been married for 12 years, recall meeting through their conservative church. Brianna talks about her early relationships and swearing off men.

Dysfunctional Relationships (02:20)

Evita and Kevin recall falling in love but later having problems with intimacy. Brianna describes coming out as lesbian to her family and ex-fiancé. She says she has always wanted to be a mother; Evita and Kevin have children.

Family Tragedy (04:58)

Evita and Kevin revisit their son’s diagnosis with brain cancer, an experience that caused them to lose faith. They started swinging as a means of escape and met Briana at a swinger party.

Practicing Polyamory (02:54)

Kevin says Brianna and Evita initially dated each other before inviting him into the relationship. They describe how their three-way relationship grew from one that was purely sexual into an unconventional family unit.

"It's Complicated" (05:00)

Kevin and Evita discuss how they incorporated Brianna into their family unit and explained her to their kids. Jealousy is an issue, and Brianna does not feel entirely fulfilled by their relationship.

Breaking Up (03:42)

Kevin informs the children that Brianna will not be coming around for a while. Brianna has left the relationship following an argument that highlighted differences that seem to be insurmountable. She misses the kids.

Thoughts on Polyamory (03:32)

Evita has given Kevin permission to continue his relationship with Brianna. She feels that her husband is moving on without her. Before long, the three lovers decide to get back together. (Credits)

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This documentary approaches polyamory from the intimate point of view of a couple that has decided to live an authentic life without denying the option of diversity in their love and family.

Length: 28 minutes

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