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Tenth Greatest: Lamborghini Countach (05:43)


The Lamborghini Countach was the fastest production car when released; wide tires, rigid chassis, and tight suspension made for superior control during high-speed turns. Their flamboyant looks epitomized the decadence of the 1970s

Ninth Greatest: Nissan Skyline (05:32)

Power and technology make Nissan Skyline a revolutionary sports car; its computer systems manages engine functions, which can be tuned and modified by laptop. It is banned from North American roads, but used in drifting competitions wherein cornering control is essential.

Eighth Greatest: Corvette Stingray (04:44)

The Corvette Stingray is an American icon that beat out European competitors when released; cylinders were repositioned to accommodate a V8 engine without increasing size and weight. Power and speed define its performance, but chassis design makes for poor cornering.

Seventh Greatest; Aston Martin DB5 (04:12)

James Bond movies promote the Aston Martin DB5 sports car reputation, but enthusiasts insist that craftsmanship defines it. Its six-cylinder twin overhead cam engine allows speeds of 150 miles per hour, but the partial suspension, weight, and unreliable electronic components trigger many drivers to declare it a touring vehicle.

Sixth Greatest: Mercedes Gullwing SL (04:55)

Tubular space frames made Mercedes Gullwing SL rigid and light, allowing for control at high speeds. It was the first production car using fuel injection, but is also known for glamorous aesthetics and wing doors.

Fifth Greatest: Ferrari Enzo (05:53)

Ferrari engineers applied race car technologies to create the Enzo; its six liter V12 engine allows 220 mile per hour speeds and superior acceleration. Carbon ceramic brakes withstand hot temperatures and contribute to its reputation for high performance.

Fourth Greatest: E Type Jaguar (04:09)

The E Type Jaguar was one of the first production cars to reach 150 miles per hour. It was known for aesthetic appeal but also had a reputation for rusting, mechanical, and electrical problems.

Third Greatest: McLaren F1 (04:13)

McLaren F1 buyers must be approved by the manufacturer and pay over one million dollars. The vehicle is the fastest car in the world, with its 627 horsepower engine encased in gold for heat protection.

Second Greatest: Mazda Miata (04:51)

Mazda repopularized the idea of personal sports car ownership with Miata design and price. It is perfectly balanced, handles superbly, and is affordable; its four-cylinder engine achieves 130 miles per hour, allowing average drivers to safely enjoy speedy thrills.

Greatest Ever: Porsche 911 (05:25)

Porsche 911 suffered from over-steer when first produced; in 40 years following, its design has been perfected by extending its wheelbase. It is the first production car with a turbo charged engine.

Credits: Episode II: Sports Cars (00:30)

Credits: Episode II: Sports Cars

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