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This series examines what to do about students who are ill-prepared for classroom learning, introducing research-based strategies for overcoming the deficiencies that hamper the achievement of so many students. Research expert Robert J. Marzano explains the importance of building background knowledge for all learners, especially for low-achieving students who tend not to have been exposed to the kinds of experiences necessary for academic success. Using classroom scenes from a variety of subject areas and grade levels the series illustrates how to build students' background knowledge and help them overcome obstacles to learning. Interviews with cognitive neuroscientists and reading experts show how these strategies relate to how the brain naturally learns. It examines why direct teaching of certain vocabulary terms leads to higher academic achievement, why sustained silent reading helps improve student understanding of content, and why indirect learning experiences such as field trips and mentoring give students better contexts for learning new content.

Length: 97 minutes

Item#: BVL204111

Copyright date: ©2005

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