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Meeting Individual Needs (11:13)


Elizabeth McAvoy uses special strategies to help improve English language skills. Principal Charles Munoz meets with Edison High School students each morning to create a sense of belonging. Music teacher Paul Norris created a class to make band accessible to ELL students at Swanson Middle School.

Teaching Strategies (08:15)

Best practices support individual students' needs. Building background knowledge helps students make connections to new content. Yocasta Matos at Rafael Hernandez Dual Language School and Jennifer Averoc at Preston Elementary School use different methods to help students retain vocabulary.

Teaching Support (10:30)

Gerry Polichio and ESL teacher Joe Gottschalk co-teach a fifth grade reading workshop. Teaching teams at Edison High School share strategies across subjects in morning meetings. Hernandez Dual Language Magnet School invites parents to a twice monthly workshop to help them support learning at home. (Credits)

Introducing Vocabulary: Kindergarten (08:05)

Rafael Hernandez Dual Language Magnet School prepares students for a diverse, multicultural, and multilingual society by teaching in Spanish and English. Jairo Rodriguez uses a six-part scaffolding process.

Introducing Vocabulary: Biology (06:37)

Katherine King uses a variety of strategies to teach high school students science concepts. Small group work helps students feel comfortable. Word walls encourage students to think creatively and can be used in any subject.

Reading Comprehension (09:36)

ELL students spend most of their time in mainstream classrooms to accelerate learning. Social Studies teacher Dominic Zenat engages students in every lesson and makes connections to prior knowledge in other subjects. (Credits)

Prewriting Activities (11:56)

Most students at Thomas Edison High School are Mexican and have varying levels of English language skills. Suzannah Rodriguez teaches the writing process in steps before asking students to write their own poems.

Content Writing (09:59)

Swanson Middle School has a growing ELL population with 25 languages spoken. Effective lessons that teach literacy include building background knowledge, reviewing vocabulary, sharing work, using graphic organizers, and providing a variety of writing opportunities. Christine Altizer uses these strategies in geography lessons.

Credits: Raising the Literacy Achievement of English Language Learners (00:35)

Credits: Raising the Literacy Achievement of English Language Learners

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Raising the Literacy Achievement of English Language Learners

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This program explores the linguistic needs of English-language learners (ELL) and introduces classroom-proven strategies for teaching ELL students reading and writing skills.

Length: 77 minutes

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